ABC Code Set

N - Nursing and communication interventions

section notes

NB - Nursing education and specialty services

section notes

NBA - Nursing education and/or counseling

section notes
NBAAC Medication monitoring training each session
NBAAF Health risk factor education each 10 minutes
NBAAG Prescribed medication teaching each 10 minutes
NBAAH Preoperative education individual each 15 minutes
NBAAI Disease process education individual each 15 minutes
NBAAK Preoperative education group each 15 minutes
NBAAL Disease process education group each 15 minutes
NBAAQ Allergic reaction prevention education each 15 minutes
NBAAT Permanent disability coping skills education individual each 30 minutes
NBAAU Permanent disability coping skills education group each 60 minutes
NBAAY Universal precautions education each 15 minutes
NBABB Self-catheterization education each 15 minutes
NBABP Blood sugar management education individual each 15 minutes
NBABQ Blood sugar management education group each 60 minutes
NBABR Blood sugar management education family each 30 minutes
NBABT Lifestyle risk factor education each 15 minutes
NBABU Lifestyle risk factor education group each 15 minutes
NBACV Patient safety education each 10 minutes
NBACW Infection control training each 15 minutes
NBADH Positioning training each 10 minutes
NBADY Contact lens education each 15 minutes
NBADZ Prosthesis training each 15 minutes
NBAEE Hope instillation education each 10 minutes
NBAEG Normalization assistance family each 30 minutes
NBAEJ Sleep pattern education each 30 minutes
NBAEM Sexual assault pregnancy risk education initial 30 minutes
NBAEN Sexual assault pregnancy risk education each additional 15 minutes
NBAEO Bereavement support each 15 minutes
NBAEP Ambulation training each 15 minutes
NBAEQ Location transfer education each 10 minutes
NBAER Ostomy irrigation education each 15 minutes
NBAES Cardiac care education each 15 minutes
NBAET Pacemaker care education each 10 minutes
NBAEU Hospice care training each 15 minutes
NBAEV Chemotherapy education each 15 minutes
NBAEW Insulin injection education each 15 minutes
NBAEX Medication side effects education each 10 minutes
NBAEY Radiation therapy education per session
NBAEZ Allergic reaction education each 10 minutes
NBAFA Diabetic care education each 15 minutes
NBAFB Feeding education each 15 minutes
NBAFD Patient environmental safety education each 10 minutes
NBAFE Equipment use and safety education each 10 minutes
NBAFG Contaminated material disposal education each 5 minutes
NBAFH Nurturance education each 15 minutes
NBAFI Care compliance education each 10 minutes
NBAFJ Patient Bill of Rights education each 10 minutes
NBAFK Caregiver support each 15 minutes
NBAZZ Undefined nursing education and counseling services narrative required
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