ABC Code Set

G - Herbs and natural substances

section notes

GB - Western

section notes

GBC - Western herbs and natural substances beginning with letter C

section notes
GBCAA Capsella bursa pastoris / shepherds purse herb
GBCAB Capsicum frutescens / hot pepper / tabasco pepper
GBCAC Cassia marilandica / wild senna
GBCAD Castanea dentata / horse chestnut / Spanish chestnut / sweet chestnut
GBCAE Caulophyllum thalictroides / blue cohosh root
GBCAF Ceanothus americanus / New Jersey tea
GBCAG Chelidonium majus / celandine herb
GBCAH Chelone glabra / balmony / turtlehead
GBCAI Chenopodium anthelminticum / American wormseed / Mexican tea
GBCAJ Chicorium intybus / chicory root
GBCAK Chimaphila umbellata / pipsissewa / princes pine
GBCAL Chionanthus virginica / fringe tree
GBCAM Cimicifuga racemosa / black cohosh root
GBCAN Cochlearia armoracia rusticana / horseradish
GBCAO Collinsonia canadensis / horse balm / stone root
GBCAP Convolvulus jalapa / jalap
GBCAQ Coptis groenlandica / canker root / goldthread
GBCAR Corallorhiza odontorhiza / coralroot / dragons claw
GBCAS Cornus florida / flowering dogwood
GBCAT Corydalis canadensis / stagger weed / wild turkey corn
GBCAU Cupressus macrocarpa / Monterey cypress
GBCAV Cynoglossum officinale / hounds tongue
GBCAW Cypripedium pubescens / yellow ladys slipper
GBCZZ Undefined Western herb and natural substance letter C narrative required
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