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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Medical And Surgical Supplies

section notes

Ostomy Supplies

section notes
A4361 Ostomy face plate
A4362 Solid skin barrier
A4363 Ostomy clamp, replacement
A4364 Adhesive, liquid or equal
A4366 Ostomy vent
A4367 Ostomy belt
A4368 Ostomy filter
A4369 Skin barrier liquid per oz
A4371 Skin barrier powder per oz
A4372 Skin barrier solid 4x4 equiv
A4373 Skin barrier with flange
A4375 Drainable plastic pch w fcpl
A4376 Drainable rubber pch w fcplt
A4377 Drainable plstic pch w/o fp
A4378 Drainable rubber pch w/o fp
A4379 Urinary plastic pouch w fcpl
A4380 Urinary rubber pouch w fcplt
A4381 Urinary plastic pouch w/o fp
A4382 Urinary hvy plstc pch w/o fp
A4383 Urinary rubber pouch w/o fp
A4384 Ostomy faceplt/silicone ring
A4385 Ost skn barrier sld ext wear
A4387 Ost clsd pouch w att st barr
A4388 Drainable pch w ex wear barr
A4389 Drainable pch w st wear barr
A4390 Drainable pch ex wear convex
A4391 Urinary pouch w ex wear barr
A4392 Urinary pouch w st wear barr
A4393 Urine pch w ex wear bar conv
A4394 Ostomy pouch liq deodorant
A4395 Ostomy pouch solid deodorant
A4396 Peristomal hernia supprt blt
A4397 Irrigation supply sleeve
A4398 Ostomy irrigation bag
A4399 Ostomy irrig cone/cath w brs
A4400 Ostomy irrigation set
A4402 Lubricant per ounce
A4404 Ostomy ring each
A4405 Nonpectin based ostomy paste
A4406 Pectin based ostomy paste
A4407 Ext wear ost skn barr <=4sq"
A4408 Ext wear ost skn barr >4sq"
A4409 Ost skn barr convex <=4 sq i
A4410 Ost skn barr extnd >4 sq
A4411 Ost skn barr extnd =4sq
A4412 Ost pouch drain high output
A4413 2 pc drainable ost pouch
A4414 Ost sknbar w/o conv<=4 sq in
A4415 Ost skn barr w/o conv >4 sqi
A4416 Ost pch clsd w barrier/filtr
A4417 Ost pch w bar/bltinconv/fltr
A4418 Ost pch clsd w/o bar w filtr
A4419 Ost pch for bar w flange/flt
A4420 Ost pch clsd for bar w lk fl
A4421 Ostomy supply misc
A4422 Ost pouch absorbent material
A4423 Ost pch for bar w lk fl/fltr
A4424 Ost pch drain w bar & filter
A4425 Ost pch drain for barrier fl
A4426 Ost pch drain 2 piece system
A4427 Ost pch drain/barr lk flng/f
A4428 Urine ost pouch w faucet/tap
A4429 Urine ost pouch w bltinconv
A4430 Ost urine pch w b/bltin conv
A4431 Ost pch urine w barrier/tapv
A4432 Os pch urine w bar/fange/tap
A4433 Urine ost pch bar w lock fln
A4434 Ost pch urine w lock flng/ft
A4435 1pc ost pch drain hgh output
A5051 Pouch clsd w barr attached
A5052 Clsd ostomy pouch w/o barr
A5053 Clsd ostomy pouch faceplate
A5054 Clsd ostomy pouch w/flange
A5055 Stoma cap
A5056 1 pc ost pouch w filter
A5057 1 pc ost pou w built-in conv
A5061 Pouch drainable w barrier at
A5062 Drnble ostomy pouch w/o barr
A5063 Drain ostomy pouch w/flange
A5071 Urinary pouch w/barrier
A5072 Urinary pouch w/o barrier
A5073 Urinary pouch on barr w/flng
A5081 Stoma plug or seal, any type
A5082 Continent stoma catheter
A5083 Stoma absorptive cover
A5093 Ostomy accessory convex inse
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