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ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes

section notes

11. Diseases of the digestive system (K00-K95)

section notes

K00-K14 Diseases of oral cavity and salivary glands (K00-K14)

section notes
K00.0K00.9   K00 Disorders of tooth development and eruption
K01.0K01.1   K01 Embedded and impacted teeth
K02.3K02.9   K02 Dental caries
K03.0K03.9   K03 Other diseases of hard tissues of teeth
K04.01K04.99   K04 Diseases of pulp and periapical tissues
K05.00K05.6   K05 Gingivitis and periodontal diseases
K06.010K06.9   K06 Other disorders of gingiva and edentulous alveolar ridge
K08.0K08.9   K08 Other disorders of teeth and supporting structures
K09.0K09.9   K09 Cysts of oral region, not elsewhere classified
K11.0K11.9   K11 Diseases of salivary glands
K12.0K12.39   K12 Stomatitis and related lesions
K13.0K13.79   K13 Other diseases of lip and oral mucosa
K14.0K14.9   K14 Diseases of tongue
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