AMA CPT® Assistant - 2014 Issue 12 (December)

Category III Code: Pacemaker - Leadless and Pocketless System (Q&A) (December 2014)

December 2014 page 17b Category III Code: Pacemaker - Leadless and Pocketless System Question: I have been searching for the appropriate CPT code to report the insertion of a leadless pacemaker. Is CPT code 33999 the correct code? Answer: For 2014, code 33999, Unlisted procedure, cardiac surgery, should be reported. However, effective January 1, 2015, four new codes (0387T-0390T) were created to describe the use of leadless pacemakers. A leadless cardiac pacemaker system is a pulse generator with built-in battery and electrode for implantation in a cardiac chamber using a transfemoral catheter approach. 0387TTranscatheter insertion or replacement of permanent...

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