Ability to perform function / activity   364665006


SNOMED code364665006
nameAbility to perform function / activity
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Ability to perform function / activity (observable entity)
synonymsAbility to perform function / activity
parentsFunction   246464006
  • Ability to clean needles   713980001
  • Ability to close eyes   301992006
  • Ability to comply with treatment   304897000
  • Ability to manage dietary regimen   705050001
  • Ability to manage exercise regime   705020009
  • Ability to mobilize   301438001
  • Ability to perform activities of everyday life   284545001
  • Ability to perform breathing functions   288842000
  • Ability to perform cognitive activity   413384008
  • Ability to perform education and training activities   301440006
  • Ability to perform fine motor function   284179005
  • Ability to perform functions for speech   285567008
  • Ability to perform functions related to communication   288547000
  • Ability to perform general purpose physical activities   288329007
  • Ability to perform gross motor function   282572008
  • Ability to perform occupation and employment activities   301707001
  • Ability to perform spirometry   711381002
  • Ability to ride horse   715004008
  • Ability to use patient controlled analgesia device   705147001
  • Assessment of motor and process skills score   446218002
  • Developmental skill and ability   280125009
  • Eating, feeding and drinking abilities   288840008
  • Harris hip score   445021002
  • Skills relating to cognitive functions   312022005
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Observable entity   363787002
    Function   246464006
      Ability to perform function / activity   364665006

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