Smooth muscle (organ) structure   39822001


SNOMED code39822001
nameSmooth muscle (organ) structure
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Smooth muscle (organ) structure (body structure)
  • Smooth muscle (organ)
  • Smooth muscle organ
  • Smooth muscle (organ) structure
parentsSkeletal and/or smooth muscle structure   71616004
  • Arrector pili muscle structure   1840006
  • Ciliary muscle structure   9668006
  • Entire smooth muscle (organ)   361920004
  • Esophageal muscle   360961009
  • Muscle of iris   280888007
  • Smooth muscle sphincter structure   118253008
  • Smooth muscle tissue   122447002
  • Structure of muscularis of seminal vesicle   40417001
  • Structure of muscularis of urinary bladder   23614007
  • Structure of orbitalis muscle   80316005
  • Structure of puboprostatic muscle   56554007
  • Structure of smooth muscle of bronchiole   767194000
  • Structure of tarsal muscle   63359006
  • Structure of uterine tubal muscularis   30733001
  • Structure of vascular smooth muscle of orbit   719099004
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Body structure   123037004
    Anatomical or acquired body structure   442083009
      Anatomical structure   91723000
        Body organ structure   113343008
          Structure of striated muscle and/or smooth muscle   870434005
            Skeletal and/or smooth muscle structure   71616004
              Smooth muscle (organ) structure   39822001

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