Nonvenomous insect bite   429305003


SNOMED code429305003
nameNonvenomous insect bite
date introduced2008-01-31
fully specified name(s)Nonvenomous insect bite (disorder)
synonymsNonvenomous insect bite
attributes - group2
Due toBite of nonvenomous insect   771268008
attributes - group1
Associated morphologySuperficial bite wound   770951006
parentsInsect bite - wound   276433004
  • Fly bite   283345006
  • Insect bite to arm - nonvenomous   287112003
  • Insect bite to cornea - nonvenomous   287126007
  • Insect bite to leg - nonvenomous   287118004
  • Insect bite to trunk - nonvenomous   287109001
  • Insect bite, nonvenomous, of neck   211009001
  • Insect bite, nonvenomous, of scrotum and testis   269196004
  • Insect bite, nonvenomous, of vagina   211116003
  • Nonvenomous insect bite of finger   446845005
  • Nonvenomous insect bite of multiple sites   428509000
  • Nonvenomous insect bite with infection   10461000
  • Nonvenomous insect bite without infection   89021008
  • Wound of head due to nonvenomous insect bite   11849861000119102
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Wound finding   225552003
      Wound   416462003
        Superficial wound of body region   283023000
          Arthropod bite wound   409985002
            Insect bite - wound   276433004
              Nonvenomous insect bite   429305003

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