Complication associated with device   473023007


SNOMED code473023007
nameComplication associated with device
date introduced2013-01-31
fully specified name(s)Complication associated with device (disorder)
synonymsComplication associated with device
attributes - group1
Associated withDevice   49062001
parentsComplication   116223007
  • Adverse effect of prosthetic device   95869003
  • Complication associated with cardiac implant   473036007
  • Complication associated with dialysis catheter   473034005
  • Complication associated with genitourinary device   473035006
  • Complication associated with insulin pump   473033004
  • Complication associated with musculoskeletal implant   473025000
  • Complication associated with neurological device   473037003
  • Complication associated with orthopedic device   473038008
  • Complication associated with vascular device   473031002
  • Complication associated with vascular implant   473032009
  • Complication due to imaging of patient with implanted medical device   718488001
  • Complication of catheter   73862001
  • Complication of implant   19220005
  • Complication of internal device   90354008
  • Complication of internal prosthetic device   69260008
  • Complication of retained tympanic ventilation tube   440368003
  • Device adherence   768148000
  • Disorder due to insertion of glaucoma drainage device   733311005
  • Disorder of dental prosthesis   235076008
  • Disorder of esophageal tubal prosthesis   304519006
  • Disorder of intra-aortic pulsation balloon   271985009
  • Disorder of pancreatic stent   625544171000132109
  • Disorders of prostheses and implants of the eye   312718007
  • Hemorrhage associated with implant   473167006
  • Infection associated with device   473047000
  • Inflammation associated with device   473088000
  • Injury due to and following implantation of device   735675004
  • Lubricant adverse reaction   292780001
  • Mechanical complication of device   111746009
  • Scalpel wound of fetal skin due to and during delivery procedure   767551003
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue complication following insertion of filling material under skin   723941008
  • Trauma from instrument during delivery   42599006
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Disease   64572001
      Complication   116223007
        Complication associated with device   473023007

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