Vaginal delivery of fetus   700000006


SNOMED code700000006
nameVaginal delivery of fetus
date introduced2014-01-31
fully specified name(s)Vaginal delivery of fetus (procedure)
synonymsVaginal delivery of fetus
attributes - group1
MethodDelivery - action   360149000
parentsDelivery procedure   236973005
  • Cephalic vaginal delivery with abnormal presentation of head at delivery without instrument   177179008
  • Complete breech delivery   237311001
  • Delivery by midwife   65243006
  • Delivery of cephalic presentation   384730009
  • Delivery of face presentation   16819009
  • Delivery of occipitoposterior presentation   450798003
  • Delivery of vertex presentation   384729004
  • Instrumental delivery   236974004
  • Normal delivery procedure   177184002
  • Obstetrical version with extraction   699999008
  • Spontaneous unassisted delivery, medical personnel present   48204000
  • Vaginal delivery, medical personnel present   22633006
  • Water birth delivery   177185001
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Procedure   71388002
    Procedure by method   128927009
      Delivery procedure   236973005
        Vaginal delivery of fetus   700000006

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