Arterial complication of procedure   709582000


SNOMED code709582000
nameArterial complication of procedure
date introduced2015-07-31
fully specified name(s)Arterial complication of procedure (disorder)
  • Arterial complication of procedure
  • Postprocedural arterial complication
attributes - group1
Finding siteArterial structure   51114001
attributes - group2
Associated withProcedure   71388002
  • Accelerated coronary artery disease in transplanted heart   233844002
  • Accidental puncture of artery during catheter insertion   445222002
  • Acquired abnormality of common arterial trunk following repair of truncus arteriosus   871598001
  • Acquired stenosis of common arterial trunk following procedure   890209003
  • Aneurysm of aorta at coarctation site following procedure   871661008
  • Aneurysm of transplanted artery   233989002
  • Arterial insufficiency of flap   239201001
  • Arteriosclerosis of coronary artery bypass graft of transplanted heart   444855007
  • Complication of arterial duct due to and following procedure   871651001
  • Compression of transplanted artery   233979001
  • Coronary arteriosclerosis after percutaneous coronary angioplasty   11018701000119109
  • Coronary arteriosclerosis following coronary artery bypass graft   139011000119104
  • De novo thrombotic microangiopathy following transplant of kidney   1264001009
  • Disorder of aorta due to and following correction of congenital heart anomaly   871663006
  • Disorder of intra-aortic pulsation balloon   271985009
  • Dissection of aorta at coarctation site following procedure   871662001
  • Dissection of transplant artery   234001008
  • Failed attempted termination of pregnancy with amniotic fluid embolism   11454006
  • Hemorrhage of transplant artery   234004000
  • Inadvertent catheterization of artery   713193007
  • Induced termination of pregnancy complicated by pulmonary embolism   609480009
  • Perforation of ductus arteriosus following procedure   871653003
  • Persistent flow of blood into aneurysm sac following endovascular insertion of stent graft into aorta   1208768006
  • Post procedural ascending aorta dilatation   897555003
  • Post-catheterization femoral pseudoaneurysm   410022000
  • Post-procedural aortic aneurysm   737158007
  • Post-procedural false aortic aneurysm   737157002
  • Post-radiological femoral false aneurysm   312374002
  • Postoperative pulmonary embolus   194883006
  • Postoperative seroma due to femoral bypass graft   10938511000119106
  • Postoperative thromboembolism of precerebral artery   698363002
  • Pulmonary arterial tree abnormality as complication of procedure   707665002
  • Pulmonary trunk stenosis as complication of procedure   707478007
  • Recoarctation of aorta following procedure   1003848008
  • Residual patency of arterial duct following patent ductus arteriosus repair   871596002
  • Rupture of transplanted artery   234008002
  • Stenosis of aortic arch following procedure   871664000
  • Stenosis of left pulmonary artery as complication of procedure   707477002
  • Stenosis of right pulmonary artery as complication of procedure   707476006
  • Stenosis of transplant artery   233971003
  • Transection of transplanted artery   262945004
  • Transplant renal artery stenosis   713825007
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Procedure related finding   127325009
      Arterial complication of procedure   709582000

SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Cardiovascular finding   106063007
      Blood vessel finding   21829004
        Arterial finding   248718009
          Disorder of artery   359557001
            Arterial complication of procedure   709582000

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