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Behavioral Health Deskbook Resources

This page lists the resources mentioned in the current edition of the Behavioral Health Deskbook.

If you don't see a specific resource number listed here, then most likely, you need to update your book to the most current edition.

Types:  Article     Form     Link

116Complete & Easy HIPAA Compliance
126Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) - by CMS
140Welcome Letter
141Patient Financial Responsibility Form
143Insurance Information Form
144Medical and Health History Form - Behavioral Health
146Financial Hardship Policy and Application
147Estimate of Medical Fees
148Verification of Insurance Coverage Form
150Alternative Payment Models (APMs) and Advanced APMs
152Annual and Lifetime Limits; PPACA Updates
153Essential Health Benefits (EHBs)
159Personal Injury Information by Find-A-Code
162Government Healthcare Programs
166VA Patient-Centered Community Care (PC3) FAQ Sheet
167TriWest to Administer VA Patient-Centered community Care Program
168Quality Payment Program
173Sliding Fee Schedule information - by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
174Prompt Pay Discounts - OIG Advisory Opinion 08-03
175Billing Units
178InstaGuide - Complete 1500 Claim Form Filing Instructions - by InstaCode Institute
179CMS 1500 Claim Forms
194Medicare Electronic Claims Exemption - by CMS
195Voluntary Overpayments
196Prompt Pay Letter
197Code Sets - Health Care Provider Taxonomy Code Set Link
201Medicare Private Contract or "Opt-Out" Affidavit
20260 Day Final Rule
204Map of States & Jurisdictions - by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners
205Expedited appeals information under PPACA by
208Opting out of Medicare and/or Electing to Order and Refer Services - MedLearn article
209Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15 (also known as Medicare Carriers Manual)
212eHealth Initiative website
213Medicare Provider-Supplier Enrollment - by CMS
214Is your Office Listed on the PECOS Listing?
215NPI Registry
218Your Guide to Who Pays First - by CMS
219Medicare Secondary Payer fact sheet by CMS
222Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plans - by CMS
227Notice of Medicare Coverage for Mental Health Services
240Link to CMS Form - Transfer of Appeal Rights
241Medicare Redetermination Request
242Medicare Reconsideration Request
243Medicare Appeals - by CMS
244Link to CMS Form - Request For Medicare Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge
245Link to CMS Form - Third Level of Appeal: Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge Forms
246Link to CMS Form - Request for Review of Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Medicare Decision/Dismissal
247Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 29 - Appeals of Claims Decisions
250Medicare Revises their Appeals Process
252Quality Measures for MIPS by CMS
262HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practice Pamphlet for Patients
264Compliance Specialists
265U.S. Department of Justice Website
266Compliance Guidance - by the OIG
267Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program Reports by OIG
268Federal Exclusions Database for Healthcare Workers
269Civil Monetary Penalties Law - by OIG
270OSHA State Plan Interactive Website
271OSHA Penalty Calculation Information
272Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Requirements
273MSDS Forms; Safety Data Sheets
274Hazard Communication Standard: Labels and Pictograms - by OSHA
277"It's the Law" Poster- by OSHA
279Are You a Covered Entity? - by CMS
280Your Mobile Device and Health Information Privacy and Security - by HHS
281Understanding Patients’ Health Information Rights by
283Telehealth Psychiatric Service
285Reminder to Stop Billing Duplicate Claims by Medicare Learning Network
286How to Properly Dispose Protected Health Information (PHI)
288HHS Notifications: Online Form
289NPI Application
290The Office of Inspector General's ( OlG ) Work Plan
295Medical Record Self-Audit
297OIG Self-Disclosure Protocol - by HHS
299Avoiding Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse; A Roadmap for Physicians
300Virtual Cards
301Security Risk Assessment by
303Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual
308Third Party Refund Demand Letter
309Response to Refund Demands
312Windows XP and HIPAA Non-compliance
313HIPAA Helps and FAQs
317PQRS Measures by Specialty (2016)
326Feedback Report Requests Portal
328Stark Law for Healthcare Providers
331InstaCode Online Fee Calculator
3321995 E/M Guidelines
3331997 E/M Guidelines
334Medicare Prospective Payment System — General Information
337NCCI Edits
339Preventive Services Covered by the Affordable Care Act
345Medicare Definition of Timed Codes
346ABC Code Information
349HCPCS Code Change Request Application
351Workers Compensation
352Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 12
353Durable Medical Equipment Center (DME) - by CMS
354National Supplier Clearinghouse home page
355Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Jurisdictions
357ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting
366Inappropriate Medicare Payments for Chiropractic Services Report - by the OIG
371CMS Complying with Medicare Signature Requirements Fact Sheet
372The Medicare Program Integrity Manual, Chapter 3, Section B
373CR 5550 Clarification - Signature Requirements by CMS
374HHS/CMS Letter Regarding Cloning Records
376Informed Consent for Treatment - Behavioral Health
390Further Details on the Revalidation of Provider Enrollment Information by CMS
392Is Modifier -59 going away?
393Federal Employees Compensation (DFEC)
396MAC Jurisdictions Resources
397Direct Submission to Secondary Insurance for Medicare Non-Covered Services Form for Behavioral Health
401NCCI Instructions for Modifier 59
402What is an 'Other Qualified Healthcare Professional'?
405FECA - Additional Info & Enrollment Center
407Interactive Directory of VA Offices
408Medicaid Behavioral Health Services
409Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program
420Medicare Improper Payment Report for Behavioral Health Services (2016)
425Online Assessment Measures by the American Psychiatric Association
450Participating vs. Non-Participating (Medicare Part B Claims)
451Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) by MedLearn
458UB-04 Claim Form Instructions
459New OSHA Online Reporting Page
460Unified Program Integrity Contractors (UPIC)
461HIPAA Minimum Necessity Requirement
462Scrub-A-Claim by
463CMS Meaningful Use Registration and Attestation Website
466Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC) Moving Forward
468Workers Compensation
469EHR Program Timeline by CMS
473NCCI Edits Report for Commonly Used Codes — Behavioral Health
474Telehealth Basics
475Qualified Healthcare Professionals
478CMS Medicare Fee for Service Recovery Audit Program
479Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) by CMS
511Diagnostic Criteria for Behavioral Health
513UB-04 FL 17 – Patient Discharge Status Codes
514UB-04 FLs 39-41 - Value Codes and Amounts
525Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)
607Behavioral Health Integration Services Fact Sheet by CMS
621Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

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