Other Medical Code Sets

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Procedure Code Sets (Tx)

ABC Codes (alternative medicine)

Claim Forms

CMS1500 - Place of Service Codes

CMS1500 - Condition Codes

CMS1500 - Type of Service (TOS) Codes

UB04 - Revenue Codes

UB04 - Condition Codes

Other Code Sets

NDC - National Drug Codes

APC - Status Indicator Codes

ASC - Payment Indicator Codes

Provider Taxonomy Codes

BETOS - Berenson-Eggers Type of Service Codes

HIPPS - Health Insurance Prospective Payment System Codes

CCS - Clinical Classifications Codes:   (CPT/HCPCSICD-10-CMICD-10-PCS)

X12 Code Sets

CARC - Claim Adjustment Reason Codes

RARC - Remittance Advice Remark Codes

Claim Status Category Codes

Claim Status Codes

Health Care Services Type Codes

Health Care Services Decision Reason Codes

Insurance Business Process Application Error Codes

Health Information Exchange Payment Type Codes

Health Information Exchange Related Report Type Codes

Other Code Set Information

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