Provider Documentation Guides™ (PDGs)

Provider Documentation Guidelines (PDGs) are designed to give providers and coders ALL the information they need to properly apply the respective ICD-10-CM code.

Each PDG is formatted to be printer-friendly for quick reference.

Access to this feature is available in the following products:
  • Provider Documentation Guides (PDGs)
  • Find-A-Code Elite
  • Find-A-Code Facility Complete
  • Find-A-Code Facility Plus

Not all codes may have a PDG. Use the tool below to create a PDF file with multiple PDGs.

PDGs can also be found on the ICD-10-CM code information pages near the bottom of the pop-open areas (see image below).

Provider Documentation Guide for code showing on code information page select to enlarge

In the PDG pop-open, use the "pdf" button to create a PDF file of the code's PDG (view example).  Select the "more" button to come to this page.

Print PDGs

Enter codes and select the "check" button to see which codes have PDGs. The PDGs may then be created as a PDF file and printed using the "pdf" button.

ICD-10-CM codes

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