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Frequently Asked Questions - Knowledge Base

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Code Searching

  • Can I look up codes for a specific specialty (ie Behavioral Health, Orthopedic)?
  • Do you have information on how to search with your Search Tools?
  • How can I make it so I just see the Dental Codes?
  • How do I do a search?
  • How do I find NDC codes, and check whether it is current?


  • Can a provider can be assigned to a MAC other than their geographically designated MAC?
  • Can Find-A-Code help me with coding and billing questions?
  • Do you have a Claim Scrubber?
  • Do you have a DMEPOS product search?
  • Do you have an HCC Risk Calculator?
  • Do you have an NCCI Edits Validator?
  • Do you have Anesthesia Base Units by CPT code?
  • Do you have HCC codes (Hierarchical Condition Codes)?
  • Do you have NCCI Edits?
  • Do you have the Gustilo classification in ICD-10?
  • Do you offer "WW" Codes?
  • How can I code my provider notes?
  • How do I find information on reporting PQRS?
  • How do I know which modifier to use with a code?
  • How do you determine which HCPCS/Revenue/CPT code to use for a particular diagnosis code?
  • I am new to Dental Billing and Coding, do you have specific Dental information? I just need the codes and directions on how to fill out a Dental Claim?
  • Is A S8490 payable by Medicare or Medicaid?
  • Medicare and Chiropractic
  • What code should we use for billing biofreeze?
  • What CPT code is used when a company's insurance carrier requests a second opinion regarding a worker's injury?
  • What if my drug dosage administered to the patient does not match the HCPCS code description?
  • What if my NDC code does not have a "J" code crosswalk?
  • What is the CPT code for muscle testing?
  • What is the procedure code for Lipiflow - a new FDA approved treatment for clogged meibomian glands?
  • Where do I find the APC (Ambulatory Payment Classification)?

Coding/Billing Guidelines

  • Do you have the CMS Claims Processing Manual? If so where Can I find it?
  • Do you have the Guidelines for Coding and reporting in Find-A-Code?
  • Do you offer clinical vignette articles?
  • How do I know how claims are suppose to be formatted, such as date formatting?
  • How do I view the LCD's pertaining to a code?
  • What are remark codes?
  • When a claim is denied, how do I know which box is affected by the remark codes?
  • Where can I find ABN Modifier guidelines for Medicare?
  • Where can I find the LCDs specific for my carrier?
  • Where do I find documentation guidelines on E&M codes?


  • Does Find-A-Code offer crosswalks?
  • How can I map ICD-10-PCS to DRGs and visa versa?
  • Where can I find a list of Diagnosis codes that can be billed with a specific procedure?

Insurance and Reimbursement

  • Do you have Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR) on therapy codes?
  • Do you have policies on commercial payers?
  • How can I view pricing for multiple areas?
  • How do DRG-Outlier Payments work?
  • How do I look up a Fee on a code pertaining to my location?
  • What do I collect upfront from the patient?
  • What is the limiting charge under Medicare Fees?
  • What is your source for Medicare Reimbursements?
  • Where can I find fee schedules for codes?
  • Where do I find the calculation for the RVU's?
  • Why is the fee schedule not generating any pricing?

MS-DRG Grouper and Information

  • Do you show the codes with or w/o CC and MCC?
  • How can I find the DRG Payment for my area on a surgical procedure (code information page)?
  • How do I use the MS-DRG Grouper?
  • What do POA or HAC indicate in the MS-DRG Grouper?
  • Which codes are exempt from POA (Present on Admission)?

My Account

  • How do I add/delete users?
  • How do I update my credit card information?
  • How do you edit your display settings?
  • I forgot my password/I am having trouble signing in.
  • Printing My Code Notes

Navigating Find-A-Code

  • Are Dental CDT codes available on
  • Can I upload my own code lists?
  • Can I view information from previous years codes?
  • How do I download/print "My Codes" list?
  • How do I find the Global Days on a code?
  • What do the little icons on the code description page mean?
  • What is on the Code Information Page?


  • Does Find-A-Code offer API Integration?
  • If I use Find-A-Code for teaching and instructing in my Seminars can I refer my attendees to use it as well?


  • Do you offer discounts for multiple users?
  • How do I terminate my TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION?
  • How long does the Free Trial last?
  • How many people can use an account?
  • How much does this service cost?
  • If I purchase the Essentials membership today can I upgrade to Professional later and how will I be billed if I start in the middle of the month?

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