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January 28th - New Dental Codes for 2021 and Find-A-Code Dental Tools/Resources

presented by  Christine Taxin
presented on  January 28th, 2021

Presented by Christine Taxin

January 28th, 2021

Thursday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET

Outline of Presentation:
- Why Dental coding is changing
- New 2021 Dental Codes
- Why Cross Coding is Not a Choice
- New Dental Tools & Resources in Find-A-Code

Be ready for 2021 with complete understanding of the new dental codes. Understand what codes are not covered under dental, and how to bill with medical codes.

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January 21st - Dental Medical Billing & Coding Certification on QPro.com - Your Dental Certification Destination

QPro.com is the industry leader for dental coding and billing certifications. The credentialing exams are hosted and administered by QPro.com. To earn dental-to-medical billing credentials, candidates must pass at least three exams including the requisite Qualified Medical Coder/Biller Exam. From there, candidates can earn designations in nine specializations, such as dental implant coding, oral surgery, sleep apnea, sedation dentistry, and coding and reimbursement for CBCT scans.

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January 19th - Chiropractic Evaluation and Management Coding Changes for 2021

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Helping Your Practice Recover from Covid-19

ICD-10-CM Changes Begin October 1st - Here's What You Need to Know

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Documentation for the Chiropractic Exam

Presented by Evan M. Gwilliam, DC MBA BS CPC CCPC CPC-I QCC MCS-P CPMA CMHP AAPC Fellow September 8, 2020 Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET The initial chiropractic examination lays the foundation for the care that follows. It needs to...

2021 is Bringing BIG E/M Coding Changes

August 25, 2020 - ABN 2020

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August 18 - Strategies for Improving Cash Flow and Collections - Starting Now

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Evaluation & Management Coding Rules are Changing in January - Is Your Organization Ready?

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Nutritional Biohacking

Presented by Brandy Brimhall CPC, CMCO, CCCPC, CMCO, CPMA June 23, 2020 Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET Providers are often seeking protocols and methods that can improve patients' state of health, improve success rate for more difficult cases, and to give...

Understanding Correct Coding for Telehealth Service Waivers

Understanding Correct Coding for Telehealth Service Waivers

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Finally, the SOAP Note That Will Satisfy Everyone

Every regulator, every payer, and every chiropractor will tell you that they have the perfect SOAP note. But then why are they all different? In this raucous presentation Dr. Gwilliam, Clinical Director for PayDC EHR software, will finally bring all these parties together. We'll look at the requirements and elements that make up a good note and then break it down so that you can build one without suffering from a breakdown.

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Injection Coding Changes for 2020

Injection Coding Changes for 2020

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Does Telehealth Work in Chiropractic Offices During the Pandemic?

March 31, 2020 Presented by Evan M. Gwilliam, DC MBA BS CPC CCPC CPC-I QCC MCS-P CPMA CMHP AAPC UPDATE: Please note that CMS wants you to use modifier 95 INSTEAD of Place of Service (POS) 02 for services rendered during this pandemic. "Report the POS code that would have...

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Compliance: What It Is And How To Achieve It

March 10, 2020 Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET The Affordable Care Act requires that you have an effective office compliance programoperating in your office. The Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services hasspecific requirements for the office compliance...

Medicare Announces Coverage of Acupuncture Services for Chronic Low Back Pain

Medicare Announces Coverage of Acupuncture Services for Chronic Low Back Pain

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What Are ICD-10 Codes and What Has Changed Since Implementation?

Some of the most often searched questions on the internet include, what are ICD 10 codes, how many ICD 10 codes are there, what does ICD 10 CM stand for, when did ICD 10 start, and everyone’s favorite coding question, “what is the ICD 10 code for… (fill in the blank). It’s been a few years since ICD-10-CM was released and implemented and a lot has changed. In this webinar we will discuss

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