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Find-A-Code - the most comprehensive online tool for medical coding and billing

Find-A-Code is a product of innoviHealth Systems, Inc.  FindACode.com is an online database of medical billing codes and information. People use Find-A-Code to assign codes to medical diagnosis and procedures in order to be reimbursed by insurance companies and Medicare. FindACode.com is a quick and easy system that uses a simple search to return accurate information. Rather than searching through 10 or more books, Find-A-Code has combined the information into one simple search.

Find-A-Code's simple, search-engine-like system of searching for billing codes is very easy to use and intuitive. Find-A-Code has many tools to assist medical coders in their efforts to accurately determine proper codes for documenting medical diagnosis and procedures for claim forms, documentation, and notes.

The Find-A-Code service is available in subscription format where subscribers can choose to purchase access to FindACode.com on a monthly or annual basis. Plus Find-A-Code offers several other products (CPT Assistant, Hospital/Facility Tools, etc.) that may be added to the subscription for either a one time, monthly, or annual amount. Each of these tools is seamlessly integrated into the Find-A-Code website saving our subscribers the time and frustration it takes to search through multiple books and/or websites. You can find it ALL at FindACode.com!

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