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At-A-Glance Find-A-Code intro

Find-A-Code for Auditors
Useful Find-A-Code tools for auditors
Find-A-Code for Billers
Useful Find-A-Code tools for billers
Find-A-Code for Clinicians
Useful Find-A-Code tools for clinicians
Find-A-Code for Coders
Useful Find-A-Code tools for coders
Find-A-Code for Payers
Useful Find-A-Code tools for payers
Find-A-Code for Practice Managers
Useful Find-A-Code tools for practice managers
Find-A-Code for Students
Useful Find-A-Code tools for students

Essentials Package

Account Setup
Edit your account preferences
Results display with each keystroke in index format for quick drill-down and easy code selection
Comprehensive Search
Keyword, Index, Policy, DMEPOS, Drugs, and Lab Searching
Filter Code Sets
Filter your comprehensive search to only look for ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, CDT, etc.
LCD Search Tool
Search for LCDs by contractor, LCD #, or name
NCD Search Tools
Find-A-Code's NCD searching tags applicable codes!
Search by chapter
Search by Chapter through any code set

Facility Package

CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, UB04, APC, Dental, ABC all tied together


ASC Payment Calculator and APC Packing/Pricing
Pricing calculations for surgery centers
Facility Code Sets (APCs & ASCs)
Ambulatory care code sets, indicators, and fees
Facility Fees (APC)
APC Crosswalks, code lists, and fees


DRG Code Information page
Find CCs, MCCS, and ORs on the Code Information page
Hospital number and CBSA settings
How to set-up your Hospital # and CBSA for your MS-DRG Grouper
ICD-10-PCS to DRGs and visa versa
Reverse crosswalks between ICD-10-PCS to DRGs
MS-DRG Grouper, POA or HAC
View the assigned MS-DRG, Complete with DRG pricing info.
Using our MS-DRG Grouper
Insert diagnoses and procedures; auto-generate the expected reimbursement, the assigned MS-DRG, & DRG pricing info.
Which codes are exempt from POA (Present on Admission)?
In the DRG Grouper, some codes do not require POA reporting

HCC Coder

HCC Risk Score Tools and Calculator
Find diagnosis codes related to risk adjustment
How to find HCC info on a code
WK Drug Database
Drug information, crosswalks, and packaging

Marketplace Add-ons


Instantly code provider notes
Commercial Payer Policies
Search Polices for payers other than Medicare
CPT Assistant Archives
Search by keyword or code
Medical Lab Tests Search
Lab info, with/without CLD Rankings
250 scrubs included per month
WK Drug Database
Drug information, crosswalks, and packaging


ASA Crosswalks
Anesthesia Crosswalks and Fees for Medicare and Commercial Payers
CDT - Current Dental Terminology
Take full advantage of your Dental Resources!
CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, UB04, APC, Dental, ABC all tied together


Customized Fee Schedules
Medicare Billed, Workers comp, and UCR fees
Unlimited Fee Schedules
Unlimited Fee Schedules and advanced fee comparison


SuperBill Builder - Alternative Health
Generate customized SuperBills with ABC codes for your own office
SuperBill Builder - Physicians
Generate customized SuperBills for your own office
SuperBill Builder - Using taxonomy codes
Setting up taxonomy codes
Using a Superbill
How to use a Superbill in your office

Professional Package

Add-on Codes
Find-A-Code indicates which procedures are primary or secondary billed
Drill up, down, left or right between Chapters, Sections, or Code Entries
Step-by-step coding from all major code sets: ICD-9-CM, ICD-9-CM v3, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT®, HCPCS.
Find-A-Code offers AAPC approved CEUs through Compliant Coding
Make check lists for your office
Click-A-Search (for ICD-10)
How our comprehensive search guides you when looking up ICD-10 codes
Comprehensive Search Tools
Search in common code sets, drugs, lab tests, DMEPOS products, payer policies, etc.
CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, UB04, APC, Dental, ABC all tied together
Customize Your Own Fees - Part 1
Insert and save your personal fees on the code information page
Customize Your Own Fees - Part 2
Insert a list of codes/fees all at once
DMEPOS Product Search
Search by Manufacturer, Product, Model, or any HCPCS code
E/M Calculator
Calculate E/M codes by time or component
Fee Schedules Adjusting
Edit your zip code for Medicare Fees in your area
Global Days
Information on specific codes and additional resources/articles
Global Days Calculator and Resources
Generate the number of days included in the Global Period
HCC Risk Score Tools and Calculator
Find diagnosis codes related to risk adjustment
How to find HCC info on a code
ICD-10-CM Edits Validator
Quickly check multiple diagnosis for exclusions or additional code suggestions
Create lists of codes based off indicators (DSM, male, female, modifier 51 exempt, orthotics, etc)
ICD-10-CM to HCC, CPT/HCPCS to BETOS, CPT/HCPCS to CCS, and more!
Modifiers on CPT, HCPCS, and NCCI Edits
Multiple Fee Schedules
Set up multiple fee schedules, switch between the different reimbursements with ease
My Codes
Adding, Importing, and Exporting codes in "My Code List"
NCCI Edits
How to use the NCCI Edits, and where to find them
NCCI Edits Validator
Rapily check NCCI Edits for procedure codes with our Validator
NPI Look-up tool
Search for provider numbers
Patient Responsibility Amount Calculator
Calculate the amount to collect upfront from the patient
Personalize My Display
Customize the code information you want to see
Pro Fee Calculator
Calculate the total fee for multiple procedures, accounting for modifiers and units
Where to find them, what they entail
Top Modifiers
Browse Find-A-Code's extensive modifier resources


Find-A-Code for Dental
Useful Find-A-Code tools for dentistry
Find-A-Code for Nurse Life Care Planners
Pricing calculations for procedures, supplies, anesthesia, drugs, APC and more.

Training and Other

Compare our pricing with other online coding solutions
See what we offer and how much it costs compared to other companies
Display Settings
Choose which dropdown bars to show/hide, and sort them in the appropriate order for all users in your account or just your own.
Excludes 1 and 2
What Excludes 1 and 2 mean in ICD-10, how to use them.
Reset your password
How to reset your password
Subscribing to Find-A-Code
What is the pricing, and what subscription should I get?
Support Page
Easily navigate our site with our Site Index, FAQ's, and Tutorials
Users - Add/delete
How to edit users in your Account

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AAPC Training

Abbreviations & Acronyms - Medical

ABC Codes - ABC Medical Codes

ABN - Form Instructions

ABN Form - What Doctors need to know

ABN Form English and Spanish Word DOC

Account Cancellation

Account Information Page - My Account

Acupuncture|Alternative Articles and Resources Topics Page

ADA's CDT Dental Codes - Current Dental Terminology® (CDT)

ADA's Dental Claim Form (2012)

Add New Client Fee Schedule

Add New Features to my account

Add New User to my Account

Addenda & Updates - ICD-10-CM

Addenda & Updates ICD-10-PCS

Addenda and Updates ICD-9

Administrative, Miscellaneous and Experimental- HCPCS Codes

Admission/Discharge Hour - FL 13/16 - UB04 Codes

Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage

Advice Remark Codes

Aetna Articles and Resources Topics Page

AHA's Coding Clinic Newsletter

Alabama Articles and Resources Topic Page

Alaska Articles and Resources Topic Page

Alcohol and Drug HCPCS Codes

All Payers Articles and Resources Topics Page

All States Topic Page

Allergy|Immunology Articles and Resources Topics Page

AMA - NUCC Claim Form Instructions Version 2/12

AMA Evaluation & Management (E&M) Guides and Manuals

Ambulance HCPCS Codes

Ambulance Topic Page

Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) Codes

Ambulatory Surgical Center Resources- ASC (Home Page)

Anatomy & Physiology Study Guides

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy Game - Poke-A-Muscle

Anatomy Game - Whack-A-Bone

Ancillary Services covered for ASC

Anesthesia|Pain Management Articles and Resources Topic Page

Anesthesia|Pain Management Articles and Resources Topics Page

Annual Wellness Visit - Medicare Fact Sheet

ANSI- X12 Claim Adjustment Reason Codes

APC Codes (Ambulatory Payment Classifications) What is it?

APC Codes - Ambulatory Payment Classification Codes

APC Status Indicator Codes

Appeals Process Forms - Medicare

Appendices - ICD-10 CM Neoplasm Table

Appendices - Neoplasms, Drug & Accident Classifications, E Codes Index ICD-9

Arizona Articles and Resources Topic Page

Arkansas Articles and Resources Topic Page

Articles - Coding Clinic search articles

Articles - Medicare Information

Articles on Medical Coding and Billing

ASA Crosswalks & Fees Topic Page

ASC (Home Page) Ambulatory Surgical Center Resources

ASC - Excluded Surgical Procedures

ASC Covered Ancillary Services

ASC Covered Ancillary Services

ASC Covered Surgical Procedures

ASC Payment Calculator

ASC Payment Indicator Codes

ASC X12 External Code Source 508

Assessment & Findings for Nursing Physical Exam

Assignment of Benefits Certification IndicatorFL 53A-C

Assisted Coding (CAC) - Code-A-Note™



Auditing Information Topic Page

Auditing Topics Page


Auto-Suggestion Tool for Provider Notes - Code-A-Note™

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  • Newsletters: CPT Assistant, AHA Coding Clinic, Decision Health
  • Medicare: NCDs, LCDs, Articles, FAQs
  • Dictionaries: Dorlands, Stedmans, Jablonskis
  • Your Information: Notes, Keywords

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  GEMs mapping to crosswalk ICD9 to ICD10

  Search by drug, generic, brand name or NDC

  Search by specialty or taxonomy number

  Search for provider IDs by name, city, state, phone, etc.

  Search by manufacturer, name, model number or HCPCS

  Search for information about medical laboratory tests

  Search for abbreviations and acronyms

  Search for commercial payer policies

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