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Training and certification is an important part of medical coding and billing.  Training and certification can also lead to a better career and higher pay.  Most certifications also require some annual or bi-annual continuing education to maintain the certification.  Find-A-Code recommends the following resources for training and continuing education:

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CEUs - Continuing Education Units

 BC Advantage

Save Time, Save Money and Satisfy Your CEU Requirements

****** PLUS GET AAPC and AHIMA Approved CEUs each year ******

BC Advantage is an industry magazine and online CEU Center providing low-cost educational resources for medical office professionals.  A must-read resource for physicians, practice managers, office managers, billers, coders, consultants and anyone involved in medical documentation, coding, billing and reimbursement.



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  • BC Advantage, 30+ CEUs & Webinars

Nursing Continuing Education

Enjoy free online CE courses from Nurse.com. We partner with industry-leading organizations to offer the Nurse.com community courses FREE of charge. You also may select other media options, such as audio, video and print, yet these mediums may be priced differently. Partner and accreditation information is detailed within the online course content.


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himagine solutions

himagine solutions, a member of the Omega Healthcare family of companies, is one of the largest end-to-end revenue cycle management companies in the U.S. Serving more than 300 healthcare providers  across all 50 states. Our 18,000+ employees, strategically located around the world, deliver rapid services scalability and 24/7/365 coverage. himagine solutions supports your revenue cycle goals across the revenue continuum – front, middle and back office. They include Provider Solutions, Scheduling, Registration, Medical Coding, Charge Capture & Billing, A/R Follow Up & Denial Management and much more.  himagine is 100% focused on the healthcare industry, working with children’s and specialty hospitals, academic medical centers, large health systems, small rural and secondary market facilities, and physician and group practices across multiple specialties.

Webinars and CEUs

When you register for a webinar, you will be automatically subscribed to receive future webinar invitations. CEUs will be emailed out to all attendees within 2-3 weeks after the final webinar time slot.

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QPro Qualified Professionals

In the healthcare industry, it is essential to have a knowledge of the codes and regulations necessary for properly billing and documenting patient encounters. Ever-changing regulations and code requirements means that those involved in this industry need to stay current with the new trends and challenges. Reimbursement by third-party payers is about more than just sending in a bill. Medical coding and billing certifications through QPro lets employers and other organizations know that you understand these requirements.

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Training, Courses, Classes

Absolute Medical Coding Solutions

Absolute Medical Coding Institute (AMCI) offers incomparable CPC (Professional) and CCS (Facility) coding exam prep courses resulting in high certification exam success rates. In addition to exam preparation, we offer CEUs and Internships for our alumni and others. In addition to our students and alumni, we value quality coding instruction, and our exam-proven successful Test Taking Techniques (TTT ™). With an exceptionally caring instructional team of diversely trained coding professionals, our Instructors' number one goal is to develop top performers on the medical coding certification exams, and coding masters in the real-world.

Absolute Medical Coding Institute also offers CEUs.


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American Medical Billing Association - Courses and CEUs

Become a CMRS - Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist or update your CEUs.


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Coding for Physicians

Coding Courses and Certification

CCO will help new and seasoned medical coders, billers and practice managers with their certification education – first to get certified then to maintain certification.

This is done via articles, videos and practice questions many of which are freely available through out the site. Some are paid products like our popular Coding Certification Review Blitz and CEU On Demand Classes and Physician Based Coding Course. We have a discussion board where aspiring coders can ask their questions about getting certified and one where certified coders can discuss ways they've maintained their CEUs for their respective credential.


Risk Adjustment Coding Course

Become a Certified Risk Adjustment Coder (HCC)

A complete “No-Fluff” course that will teach you the core essentials of Risk Adjustment AND prepare you for the CRC™ Exam.

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Dental Management & Consulting Service

Christine Taxin is the founder and president of Links2Success, a practice management consulting company to the dental and medical fields. Prior to starting her own consulting company Ms. Taxin served as an administrator of a critical care department at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City and managed an extensive multi-specialty dental practice in New York.  With over 25 years’ experience as a practice management professional she now provides private practice consulting services, delivers continuing education seminars for dental and medical professionals and serves as an adjunct professor at the New York University (NYU) Dental School. Links2Success has many ways that we can help your practice.


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Practice Management Institute


Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM)

CMOM teaches practical administrative skills that lead to improved communication with providers, third-party payers, patients, and business associates. Learn guidelines and examples that will improve decision-making and tactical skills. Graduates of this program will be better prepared to manage risk, motivate employees and improve the financial outlook in a medical office.

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Certified Medical Chart Auditor-E/M (CMCA-E/M)

Training and audit tools to establish an internal E/M audit program in a medical office. Learn how to analyze medical records to determine whether the documentation supports CPT and medical necessity, and minimize risks associated with outpatient E/M claims.

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A Passionate Team of Makers and Doers

Preppy is a team of start-up veterans and educators who were tired of the status quo.

The team is committed to making world-class career and skills training…faster, better, and at a fraction of the current cost.


Certificate of ICD-10-CM Coding Proficiency (CICP)

ICD-10 Coding Course

The 4Med CICP program describes the key changes in coding with the implementation of ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding. The course enables coders and others responsible for coding to translate their knowledge of ICD-9-CM to the new version of the classification system.

The course is designed as a bridge between the coding sets. The course includes new conventions and chapter specific coding guidelines, with a comprehensive description of new concepts and protocols in the expanded code set. It focuses on chapters that contain significant changes to coding protocols. The course includes all required supplemental materials, including the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting 2014.

Successful completion of this course awards a Certificate of ICD-10-CM Coding Proficiency which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards, in partnership with Libman, a leading provider of online coding education.

The course offers 10 AHIMA CEUs.

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Certificate of ICD-10 Proficiency for Clinical Providers (CIPCP)

ICD-10 Coding Course

The 4Med+ CIPCP program provides education on ICD-10 that is tailored for physicians and other clinical providers. The course does not require any previous experience with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) system, though most providers will be somewhat familiar with ICD-9-CM. This course is not designed for professional coders, and it does not focus in depth on the codes themselves. Instead, the course focuses on the information that providers need, especially the documentation required to support proper ICD-10 coding.

The course describes major changes in the transition between ICD-9 and ICD-10. It provides an overview of both ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS. ICD-10-CM is the Clinical Modification version used in both ambulatory and acute-care settings. ICD-10-PCS is the Procedure Coding System used largely in hospitals. The course focuses on documentation requirements, and it includes quick reference guidelines for 16 medical specialties.



These specialties are:

The course also includes the entire ICD-10-CM coding set, including the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting 2014.

Module titles within this course include:

Successful completion of this course awards a Certificate of ICD-10 Proficiency for Clinical Providers which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards, in partnership with Libman Education Inc., a leading provider of online coding education.

Average course length: 2-4 hours

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