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HIPAA Compliance Book Resources

This page lists the resources mentioned in the current edition of the HIPAA Compliance Book.

If you don't see a specific resource number listed here, then most likely, you need to update your book to the most current edition.

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169HIPAA Risk Analysis and Risk Management Tip Sheet by OCR
189Self-Funded Plans and the PPACA: Is this the new normal?
200Privacy Rule De-Identifiers
268Federal Exclusions Database for Healthcare Workers
279Are You a Covered Entity? - by CMS
280Your Mobile Device and Health Information Privacy and Security - by HHS
286How to Properly Dispose Protected Health Information (PHI)
289NPI Application
300Virtual Cards
700HIPAA Law - Regulation Text
701Mobile Devices are HIPAA Security Concern
702What is a Health Plan - by CMS
703Search the NPI Registry
704Taxonomy Code List
705Digital Copier Data Security: A Guide for Businesses
706Guidelines for Media Sanitation by NIST
707Breach Notification Rule by HHS
708Guidance to Render Unsecured Protected Health Information Unusable, Unreadable, or Indecipherable to Unauthorized Individuals
709Notice to the Secretary of HHS - Breach of Unsecured Protected Health Information
710Appointments, Reminders, Text Messaging, and HIPAA
711HHS Fee Calculation Guidance for PHI Record Requests
712HHS Guidance on HIPAA & Cloud Computing
713National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Definition of Cloud Computing
714Omnibus Final Rule in the Federal Register
715Unique Health Identifier for Individuals White Paper by HHS
716Medicare Removes SSN from Medicare Cards - Press Release
717Sale of Protected Health Information (PHI)
718Counting HIPAA Violations
719HIPAA Security Rule Crosswalk to NIST Cybersecurity Framework
720Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)
721HIPAA Privacy and Security and Workplace Wellness Programs
722Understanding the Importance of Audit Controls by OCR
723HIPAA Marketing Guidelines by HHS
724HIPAA Research Information by HHS
725Password Tips
726HIPAA Training Requirements
727OCR HIPAA Complaint Portal Assistant
728HIPAA and the Opioid Crisis
729Cyber Security Checklist
730OCR Fact Sheet: Ransomware and HIPAA
748Texting of Patient Information among Healthcare Providers
749Authorization for Text Messaging
750Acknowledgement of Receipt of HIPAA Privacy Notice
751Authorization for Release of Psychotherapy Notes
752Authorization to Use or Disclose PHI for Marketing, Fundraising, or Sales
753Breach Notification Log
754Breach Notification — Notice to Individual(s)
755Breach Risk Assessment Tool
756Business Associate Agreement
757Business Associate Contract and Data Access Log
758Business Associate Inappropriate Disclosure Log
759Consumer Checklist - Medical Identity Theft
760Contingency Plan Procedure
761Data Backup Plan
762Destruction Policy
763Employee Confidentiality Agreement
764Employee Data Access Log
765Employee HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules Acknowledgement
766Employee HIPAA Violations Log
767Employee Report of HIPAA Violation by Business Associate
768Employee Termination Checklist
769Fax, Photocopy, Text, & Email Procedures
770Good Faith Compliance Efforts Log
771Hardware and Software Inventory and Destruction Log
772HIPAA Compliance Audit
773HIPAA Compliance Officer Duties
774HIPAA Compliance Officers
775HIPAA Employee Training Log
776HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices
777HIPAA Patient Contact Person
778HIPAA Privacy Officer Duties
779HIPAA Security Officer Duties
780Internet Security Policy
781OCR Health Information Privacy Complaint
782Omnibus Rule Checklist
783Password Policy for Securing Electronic Data
784Patient Authorization for Release of PHI
785Patient Complaint
786Patient Complaint Log
787Patient Record Access Request
788Patient Request for Accounting of PHI Disclosures
789Patient Request Log
790Patient Request(s) Regarding Health Care Records
791HIPAA Policies and Procedures Template
793Questions to Ask Software and Hardware Vendors
794Record Retention and Purge Log
795Release of Information via Fax Transmission
796Report of Nonroutine Disclosures
797Response to Patient Record Access Request
798Response to Patient Regarding Request to Amend Records
799Worksite/Office Procedures
814HIPAA Topics Page

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