Type of Service (TOS) Indicator K: Hearing Items and Services

CPT codes


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92551  CPT Code
92552  CPT Code
92553  CPT Code
92555  CPT Code
92556  CPT Code
92557  CPT Code
92559  CPT Code
92560  CPT Code
92561  CPT Code
92562  CPT Code
92563  CPT Code
92564  CPT Code
92565  CPT Code
92567  CPT Code
92568  CPT Code
92569  CPT Code
92571  CPT Code
92572  CPT Code
92575  CPT Code
92576  CPT Code
92577  CPT Code
92579  CPT Code
92582  CPT Code
92583  CPT Code
92584  CPT Code
92585  CPT Code
92586  CPT Code
92587  CPT Code
92588  CPT Code
92590  CPT Code
92591  CPT Code
92592  CPT Code
92593  CPT Code
92594  CPT Code
92595  CPT Code
92596  CPT Code

HCPCS codes

V5008  Hearing screening  
V5010  Assessment for hearing aid  
V5011  Fitting/orientation/checking of hearing aid  
V5014  Repair/modification of a hearing aid  
V5020  Conformity evaluation  
V5030  Hearing aid, monaural, body worn, air conduction  
V5040  Hearing aid, monaural, body worn, bone conduction  
V5050  Hearing aid, monaural, in the ear  
V5060  Hearing aid, monaural, behind the ear  
V5070  Glasses, air conduction  
V5080  Glasses, bone conduction  
V5090  Dispensing fee, unspecified hearing aid  
V5095  Semi-implantable middle ear hearing prosthesis  
V5100  Hearing aid, bilateral, body worn  
V5110  Dispensing fee, bilateral  
V5120  Binaural, body  
V5130  Binaural, in the ear  
V5140  Binaural, behind the ear  
V5150  Binaural, glasses  
V5160  Dispensing fee, binaural  
V5170  Hearing aid, cros, in the ear  
V5171  Hearing aid, contralateral routing device, monaural, in the ear (ite)  
V5172  Hearing aid, contralateral routing device, monaural, in the canal (itc)  
V5180  Hearing aid, cros, behind the ear  
V5181  Hearing aid, contralateral routing device, monaural, behind the ear (bte)  
V5190  Hearing aid, contralateral routing, monaural, glasses  
V5200  Dispensing fee, contralateral, monaural  
V5210  Hearing aid, bicros, in the ear  
V5211  Hearing aid, contralateral routing system, binaural, ite/ite  
V5212  Hearing aid, contralateral routing system, binaural, ite/itc  
V5213  Hearing aid, contralateral routing system, binaural, ite/bte  
V5214  Hearing aid, contralateral routing system, binaural, itc/itc  
V5215  Hearing aid, contralateral routing system, binaural, itc/bte  
V5220  Hearing aid, bicros, behind the ear  
V5221  Hearing aid, contralateral routing system, binaural, bte/bte  
V5230  Hearing aid, contralateral routing system, binaural, glasses  
V5240  Dispensing fee, contralateral routing system, binaural  
V5241  Dispensing fee, monaural hearing aid, any type  
V5242  Hearing aid, analog, monaural, cic (completely in the ear canal)  
V5243  Hearing aid, analog, monaural, itc (in the canal)  
V5244  Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, monaural, cic  
V5245  Hearing aid, digitally programmable, analog, monaural, itc  
V5246  Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, monaural, ite (in the ear)  
V5247  Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, monaural, bte (behind the ear)  
V5248  Hearing aid, analog, binaural, cic  
V5249  Hearing aid, analog, binaural, itc  
V5250  Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, binaural, cic  
V5251  Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, binaural, itc  
V5252  Hearing aid, digitally programmable, binaural, ite  
V5253  Hearing aid, digitally programmable, binaural, bte  
V5254  Hearing aid, digital, monaural, cic  
V5255  Hearing aid, digital, monaural, itc  
V5256  Hearing aid, digital, monaural, ite  
V5257  Hearing aid, digital, monaural, bte  
V5258  Hearing aid, digital, binaural, cic  
V5259  Hearing aid, digital, binaural, itc  
V5260  Hearing aid, digital, binaural, ite  
V5261  Hearing aid, digital, binaural, bte  
V5262  Hearing aid, disposable, any type, monaural  
V5263  Hearing aid, disposable, any type, binaural  
V5264  Ear mold/insert, not disposable, any type  
V5265  Ear mold/insert, disposable, any type  
V5266  Battery for use in hearing device  
V5267  Hearing aid or assistive listening device/supplies/accessories, not otherwise specified  
V5268  Assistive listening device, telephone amplifier, any type  
V5269  Assistive listening device, alerting, any type  
V5270  Assistive listening device, television amplifier, any type  
V5271  Assistive listening device, television caption decoder  
V5272  Assistive listening device, tdd  
V5273  Assistive listening device, for use with cochlear implant  
V5274  Assistive listening device, not otherwise specified  
V5275  Ear impression, each  
V5281  Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm system, monaural, (1 receiver, transmitter, microphone), any type  
V5282  Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm system, binaural, (2 receivers, transmitter, microphone), any type  
V5283  Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm neck, loop induction receiver  
V5284  Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm, ear level receiver  
V5285  Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm, direct audio input receiver  
V5286  Assistive listening device, personal blue tooth fm/dm receiver  
V5287  Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm receiver, not otherwise specified  
V5288  Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm transmitter assistive listening device  
V5289  Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm adapter/boot coupling device for receiver, any type  
V5290  Assistive listening device, transmitter microphone, any type  
V5298  Hearing aid, not otherwise classified  
V5299  Hearing service, miscellaneous  
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