UB04 Revenue Codes

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FL 42 - Revenue Code

Required. The provider enters the appropriate revenue codes from the following list to identify specific accommodation and/or ancillary charges. It must enter the appropriate numeric revenue code on the adjacent line in FL 42 to explain each charge in FL 47. Additionally, there is no fixed "Total" line in the charge area. The provider must enter revenue code 0001 instead in FL 42. Thus, the adjacent charges entry in FL 47 is the sum of charges billed. This is the same line on which non-covered charges, in FL 48, if any, are summed. To assist in bill review, the provider must list revenue codes in ascending numeric sequence and not repeat on the same bill to the extent possible. To limit the number of line items on each bill, it should sum revenue codes at the "zero" level to the extent possible.

Codes used for Medicare claims are available from Medicare contractors. Codes are also available from the NUBC (www.nubc.org) via the NUBC's Official UB-04 Data Specifications Manual.

Source: Medicare Claims Processing Manual Chapter 25 - Completing and Processing the Form CMS-1450 (UB04) Data Set
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