21 - Symptoms, signs or clinical findings, not elsewhere classified

International Classification of Diseases for Mortality and Morbidity Statistics, 11th Revision, v2024-01

!markdown Clinical findings include those found using physical, laboratory and imaging techniques. Diseases can manifest in many ways and in different body systems. Such specific manifestations may be a reason for treatment or encounter, with or without identifying or addressing the underlying condition. Categories in this chapter include the less well-defined conditions and symptoms that, without the necessary study of the case to establish a final diagnosis, could be designated 'not otherwise specified', 'unknown aetiology' or 'transient'. The conditions and signs or symptoms included in this chapter consist of: - cases for which no more specific diagnosis can be made even after all the facts bearing on the case have been investigated - signs or symptoms existing at the time of initial encounter that proved to be transient and whose causes could not be determined; - provisional diagnoses in a patient who failed to return for further investigation or care; - cases referred elsewhere for investigation or treatment before the diagnosis was made; - cases in which a more precise diagnosis was not available for any other reason; - certain symptoms, for which supplementary information is provided, that represent important problems in medical care in their own right. These categories should be used in conjunction with a code from another chapter that identifies the underlying condition.


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