Laboratory   LP29693-6

LOINC Hierarchy

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Microbiology and Antimicrobial susceptibility   LP343406-7

Skin challenge   LP7785-1

Chemistry and Chemistry - challenge   LP343631-0

Drug toxicology   LP7790-1

Drug doses   LP7791-9

Hematology and Cell counts   LP7803-2

Coagulation   LP7788-5

Allergy   LP7756-2

Blood bank   LP7776-0

Cell markers   LP7783-6

Fertility testing   LP7798-4

HLA antigens   LP7806-5

HPA antigen   LP65557-8

HNA   LP158133-1

Molecular pathology   LP7822-2

Pathology   LP7839-6

Urinalysis   LP7851-1

Serology - non-micro   LP7844-6

Specimen information   LP7846-1

Cytology   LP7789-3

Devices   LP35960-1

Miscellaneous tests   LP7820-6

HEDIS panels   LP71800-4

Lab terms not yet categorized   LP248770-2

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