Complement   LP16404-3

LOINC Hierarchy

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Complement total hemolytic   LP29037-6

Complement functional activity   LP99348-2

Complement+Immunoglobulin   LP16403-5

Complement Activity Cell Surface Induced   LP16348-2

Complement C1.functional   LP129921-5

Complement C1 esterase inhibitor   LP14797-2

Complement C1q   LP16352-4

Complement C1r   LP16353-2

Complement C1r2+C1s2   LP16354-0

Complement C1s   LP16357-3

Complement C2   LP16358-1

Complement C3   LP16359-9

Complement C3d-C3d+Gg-IC3b receptors   LP16367-2

Complement C3b-C4b receptor   LP16363-1

Complement C4   LP16371-4

Complement C4b binding protein   LP16374-8

Complement C4c   LP97924-2

Complement C5   LP16376-3

Complement C6   LP16378-9

Complement C7   LP16379-7

Complement C8   LP16380-5

Complement C9   LP16382-1

Complement decay accelerating factor   LP16385-4

Complement factor B   LP16386-2

Complement factor D   LP16389-6

Complement factor H   LP16390-4

Complement factor I   LP16391-2

Complement factor P   LP16392-0

Complement iC3   LP16393-8

Complement iC3b receptors   LP16394-6

Complement membrane attack complex (C5b-C6-C7-C8-C9n)   LP16395-3

Complement membrane C3b-C4b cofactor protein   LP16396-1

Complement Sc5b-9   LP18271-4

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