Blood smear finding   LP16873-9

LOINC Hierarchy

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Background stain   LP19276-2

Blood smear finding | Blood | Hematology and Cell counts   LP393370-4

Blood smear finding positive   LP32977-8

Fibrin strands   LP31530-6

Iron.microscopic observation   LP14872-3

Morphology   LP19285-3

Platelet anisocytosis   LP66401-8

Platelet satellitism   LP19283-8

Platelets Large Fragments   LP18692-1

Platelet clump   LP17683-1

Erythrocyte agglutination   LP65598-2

Erythrocyte aggregates   LP66400-0

Erythrocyte inclusion bodies   LP64195-8

Erythrocyte morphology finding   LP99295-5

Erythrocytes.pitted   LP99351-6

Erythrocyte shape   LP19268-9

Erythrocyte size   LP19269-7

Erythrocyte staining   LP30927-5

Leukocyte aggregates   LP174534-0

Leukocyte inclusions   LP30934-1

Leukocyte morphology finding   LP99296-3

Manual differential comment   LP99311-0

Platelet morphology finding   LP99297-1

Megakaryocytic nuclei   LP66405-9

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