Erythrocyte shape   LP19268-9

LOINC Hierarchy

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Acanthocytes   LP17674-0

Erythrocyte shape | Blood | Hematology and Cell counts   LP393396-9

Anisocytosis   LP17274-9

Bite cells   LP14567-9

Bizarre cells   LP36566-5

Blister cells   LP14568-7

Burr cells   LP17676-5

Dacrocytes   LP17677-3

Dyserythropoiesis   LP66386-1

Elliptocytes   LP15192-5

Erythrocytes.filamented   LP40244-3

Erythrocytes.ghost cells   LP183521-6

Fragments   LP14569-5

Helmet cells   LP14570-3

Irregularly contracted cells   LP14571-1

Pencil cells   LP14573-7

Pincer cells   LP135381-4

Poikilocytosis   LP30906-9

Prekeratocytes   LP65312-8

Pyknosis   LP30811-1

Rouleaux   LP17684-9

Schistocytes   LP17715-1

Sickle cells   LP17228-5

Siderocytes   LP65026-4

Spherocytes   LP17717-7

Stomatocytes   LP14576-0

Target cells   LP14577-8

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