Miscellaneous Hematology   LP30865-7

LOINC Hierarchy

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Band 3   LP429619-2

Cyanide ascorbate screen   LP18493-4

Crystals   LP16849-9

Differential cell count method   LP63608-1

Eosin-5-Maleimide binding   LP30813-7

Hemolysis tests   LP31616-3

Hemosiderin   LP16466-2

Kallikrein   LP16476-1

Leukocyte clumps   LP31538-9

Leukocyte phosphatase   LP16478-7

Lupus erythematosus cells   LP18498-3

Manual differential performed   LP65872-1

Microscopic observation   LP40224-5

Mucin clot   LP17243-4

Mucus   LP17770-6

Other observations   LP175626-3

Stains   LP182279-2

Streptokinase   LP16489-4

Thromboglobulin   LP16491-0

Thrombopoietin   LP36417-1

WBC function   LP32497-7

Copyright © 2022 Regenstrief Institute, Inc. All Rights Reserved. To the extent included herein, the LOINC table and LOINC codes are copyright © 1995-2022, Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) Committee. See https://loinc.org/license for the full LOINC copyright and license.

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