Hematology and Cell Count Panels   LP7833-9

LOINC Hierarchy

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Auto Differential panel   LP96802-1

CBC panel   LP99237-7

CBC W Auto Differential panel   LP96800-5

CBC W Differential panel   LP175718-8

CBC W Differential panel, method unspecified   LP140638-0

CBC W Ordered Manual Differential panel   LP14155-3

CBC W Reflex Manual Differential panel   LP96801-3

CBC WO Differential panel   LP14124-9

Cell count and Diff panel with Gluc and Prot   LP89353-4

Cell count and Differential panel   LP31940-7

Cell count panel   LP31939-9

Complement activity panel   LP182418-6

Complement C3 and C4 panel   LP31927-4

Complement profile panel   LP31930-8

Differential panel   LP14125-6

Differential panel, method unspecified   LP140636-4

Erythrocyte morphology panel   LP99232-8

Erythrogram panel   LP63177-7

Free hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin panel   LP262513-7

Hemoglobin and Hematocrit panel   LP14154-6

Hemoglobin HPLC and electrophoresis panel   LP417420-9

Hemoglobin observations newborn screening panel   LP115813-0

Hemoglobin panel   LP36360-3

Hemoglobinopathies newborn screening panel   LP76305-9

Hemoglobinopathy panel   LP429618-4

Hemogram and platelets WO differential panel   LP99248-4

Hemogram without Platelets and with Manual Differential panel   LP14153-8

Hemogram without Platelets panel   LP14152-0

Hemogram, platelets & Differential panel   LP269024-8

Hemogram, Platelets, Differential and Reticulocyte panel   LP31908-4

Hemolytic anemia panel   LP426771-4

Leukocyte morphology panel   LP99231-0

Leukogram panel   LP63176-9

Manual Differential panel   LP96794-0

Neutrophil.fMLP and PMA stimulated DHR panel   LP428046-9

Neutrophil.fMLP stimulated DHR panel   LP428047-7

Neutrophil.PMA stimulated DHR panel   LP428048-5

Osmotic fragility panel   LP426982-7

Plasma cell DNA content and proliferation panel   LP410827-2

Platelet morphology panel   LP99230-2

Platelets panel   LP71316-1

Red blood cell membrane evaluation panel   LP426988-4

Reticulocytes panel   LP65316-9

Short blood count panel   LP94664-7

Siderocytes panel   LP429965-9

Smear morphology panel   LP33019-8

Thromboelastography panel   LP133932-6

Copyright © 2022 Regenstrief Institute, Inc. All Rights Reserved. To the extent included herein, the LOINC table and LOINC codes are copyright © 1995-2022, Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) Committee. See https://loinc.org/license for the full LOINC copyright and license.

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