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Medical Coding Information provides many guides, helps, manuals, and documents to assist coders.  Plus subscribes can search and read content (both current and archives) from many industry newsletters.  This information also includes the many resources related to Medicare; manuals, guides, forms, transmittals, newsletters, policies, guidelines and more.

Medical Coding Helps and Guides Helps & Guides

Find-A-Code™ Tutorials

CMS1500 Guide - NUCC & Medicare Instr.

ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines

ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines

E&M Guides - AMA Green Pages, ect.

AMA's E&M Guidelines (Green Pages)

Integrating NPP into E/M

Medical Coding Newsletters Newsletters

CPT Assistant +Archives

Medicare Provider Compliance

AHA Coding Clinic® ICD9 & HCPCS

DecisionHealth® Articles

Medical Coding Medicare Manuals, Guides, & Documents Medicare Manuals & Guides

PUB100 - Medicare Guides and Manuals

E&M Guidelines & Procedures

Medicare Contractors - LCDs & Articles

NCDs - National Coverage Determinations

PQRS Program

More... (Forms, FAQs, NCCI, etc.)

Medical Coding Information Dictionaries & Information 

Abbreviations & Acronyms NEW!

Dorland's Dictionary Appendicies

Stedman's Dictionary Appendicies

Healthcare Legislation

More Links and Resources...

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