MS-DRG Grouper for ICD-9 vol 1 and ICD-9 vol 3

quickly calculate the DRG based on ICD-9 vol 1 and ICD-9 vol 3 codes

The DRG-Grouper is used to calculate payments to cover operating costs for inpatient hospital stays. Under the inpatient prospective payment system (IPPS) each individual case is categorized into a diagnosis related group – DRG. Payment weights are assigned to each DRG based on average resources used to treat Medicare patients in that DRG.

Access to this feature is available in the following products:
  • Facility Inpatient Reimbursement Tools


Enter a ICD-9 vol 1 principle diagnosis, as well as any ICD-9 vol 1 secondary diagnoses and ICD-9 vol 3 procedures, in the boxes below.  Click the "Add" links for additional boxes. When done, click the "Group" button. The resultant DRG will display below.

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incident details
ICD-9 Codes POA Description (will appear for codes) Legend
Principal Dx (ICD-9 vol 1)
Secondary Dx (ICD-9 vol 1)
Procedures (ICD-9 vol 3)

Discharge Date
(optional - not used in grouping)
Admitting Diagnosis
Discharge Status