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Viewing:  Jun 18, 2019

SuperBill Builder

Image of a medical superbill

SuperBills are a simple way to gather and record patient information on a single sheet of paper.

But creating them and keeping the codes up to date can be a real pain.

The Find-A-Code SuperBill Builder eases this pain by helping you quickly build and update SuperBills.

SuperBill Builder features:

  • Build up to 3* SuperBills for the same or different providers
  • Enter your CPT/HCPCS or ICD-10-CM codes as a list or one at a time
  • A simple button-click builds your SuperBill PDF file
  • Easily copy a SuperBill to create a modified version or a SuperBill for another provider
  • Descriptive ABC Codes** with CPT/HCPCS crosswalks are ideal for:
    • behavioral health
    • complementary medicine
    • alternative medicine
  • Edit and recreate your SuperBill PDF file anytime - UNLIMITED edits
  • Automatic code validation checks the codes used in your SuperBills for deletions and updates

Purchase the SuperBill Builder

The SuperBill Builder is a combination package which includes:

  • Find-A-Code Subscription (Essentials, Professional or Facility)
  • SuperBill Builder tool - w/3 SuperBills
  • ABC Code Crosswalk - ABC to CPT
  • ABC Coding Manual - PDF
(Price depends on the level of Find-A-Code subscription you choose - starting at $357.)
* Additional SuperBills - Expand to learn more...
** ABC Codes - Expand to learn more...
FAQs - Expand to learn more...

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