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Louisiana Articles and Resources

This page contains articles, resources/links and tips related to Louisiana.

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CMS-Novitas Solutions: E/M Documentation Auditor's InstructionsCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: CardiovascularCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: DermatologyCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: Ears, Nose and ThroatCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: EyesCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: General Multi-SystemCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: Genitourinary (Female)CMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: Genitourinary (Male)CMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: Hematologic/Lymphatic/Immunologic ExaminationCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: MusculoskeletalCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: NeurologyCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: PsychiatryCMS-Novitas Solutions: Specialty Exam: RespiratoryHCUP PartnersLouisiana Acupuncture State Enforcement AgencyLouisiana Acupuncture State Law SummaryLouisiana Acupuncture State License ApplicationLouisiana Acupuncture State List of LicensesLouisiana Acupuncture State RuleLouisiana Controlled Substance Laws-Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law, begins on Pg. 55Louisiana Dept. of LaborLouisiana Medicaid-BenefitsLouisiana Medicaid-Claims/BillingLouisiana Medicaid-Fee ScheduleLouisiana Medicaid-FormsLouisiana Medicaid-HEDISLouisiana Medicaid-Home PageLouisiana Medicaid-NewsletterLouisiana Medicaid-Patient EligibilityLouisiana Medicaid-Prior Authorization for Medical ServicesLouisiana Medicaid-Provider PageLouisiana Medicaid-Provider RelationsLouisiana Medicaid-Provider UpdatesLouisiana Medicaid-Vendor RegistrationLouisiana State Telehealth Laws and PoliciesLouisiana Workers Comp-Contact PageLouisiana Workers Comp-Fee Schedule(s)Louisiana Workers Comp-FormsLouisiana Workers Comp-Home PageLouisiana Workers Comp-Provider PageLouisiana Workers Comp-Provider RelationsLouisiana Workers Comp-Statutes and RegulationsLouisiana Workers Comp-TrainingsLouisiana Workers' Comp - Workforce CommissionMedical Record Copying Fees, State by StateMedicare Claims Processing ManualNovitas, Jurisdiction H-Appeals Info Part ANovitas, Jurisdiction H-Appeals Info Part BNovitas, Jurisdiction H-Claims Info Part ANovitas, Jurisdiction H-Claims Info Part BNovitas, Jurisdiction H-Contact Us Part ANovitas, Jurisdiction H-Contact Us Part BNovitas, Jurisdiction H-Forms Part ANovitas, Jurisdiction H-Forms Part BNovitas, Jurisdiction H-Home PageNovitas, Jurisdiction H-Monthly Newsletters Part ANovitas, Jurisdiction H-Publications Part BNovitas, Jurisdiction H-Timely Filing Part ANovitas, Jurisdiction H-Timely Filing Part BNovitas, Jurisdiction H-Trainings Part ANovitas, Jurisdiction H-Trainings Part BOIG State False Claims Act ReviewsThe National Telehealth Policy Resource CenterUnited States Department of Labor

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