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Advanced Life Support Ambulance Services:

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I. Code Sets

CPT Codes

CPT Procedure Codes

ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes

ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes

Ambulance Modifiers - HCPCS

Ambulance Modifiers - HCPCS

Transportation Procedure and Supply Codes

Transportation Procedure and Supply Codes

II. Find-A-Code's Tools & Resources


For quick drill-down and easy code selection.

Pro Fee Calculator

Perfect all-in-one tool to help you check NCCI Edits Validation


Step-by-step coding from all major code sets.

NCCI Edits Validator

Validate using NCCI edits for errors in code selection.

III. Manuals and Links

Medicare Benefit Policy Manual

Chapter 10 - Ambulance Services Ambulances Services Center

Important links from CMS

Ambulance Articles

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Understanding ASC Pricing


ASCs (Ambulatory Surgical Centers) have a separate fee schedule with a base allowed amount that is adjusted for each state using Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSA). Under the ASC payment system, Medicare pays facilities for specific ASC covered surgical procedures, however, there are only certain types of procedures that are eligible for payment ...

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Advanced Life Support Ambulance Services: Insufficient Documentation


Ambulance suppliers often submit Medicare claims for Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance services which lack sufficient medical record documentation. The 2015 Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Report states that the improper payment rate for ALS services was 14.5 percent with improper payments projected at $226 million. The most frequent errors ...

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Ambulance Tips

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Ambulance Webinars

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E/M and the Organ Systems Part 2 of 2

E/M and the Organ Systems Part 2 of 2

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E-M and the Organ Systems (Part 1)

E-M and the Organ Systems (Part 1)

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