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Chiropractic Auditing Articles & Resources

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Chiropractic Auditing Information Articles

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Q/A: I’m Being Audited? Is There a Documentation Template I can use?


Question: Our Medicare contractor is auditing claims with 98942. Do you have any suggestions for a template for documentation to warrant the use of 98942? Answer: When you submit a claim with code 98942 you are stating that you have determined that it was medically necessary to adjust all 5 of ...

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Wolters Kluwer Drug Pricing


Wolters Kluwer provides unit and package pricing for multiple drug price types: Average Wholesale Price (AWP), Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC), Direct Price (DP), Manufacturer's Suggested Wholesale Price (SWP), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Federal Upper Limit (CMS FUL), Average Average Wholesale Price (AAWP), Generic Equivalent Average Price (GEAP). Average...

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Chiropractic Auditing Information Tips

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Chiropractic Auditing Information Webinars

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Coding and Billing Updates for Telemedicine Services

Coding and Billing Updates for Telemedicine Services ...

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March 5th, 2019: Evaluation and Management Coding

The Evaluation and Management service is an important part of an episode of care. It is the initiation of care and determines the scope and severity of the patient’s condition. Dr. Ron Short will review the levels of Evaluation and Management codes and which are appropriate in the chiropractor’s office. In this webinar you will learn: What constitutes a new patient Which Evaluation and Management codes should not be used When to use the consultation code What changes are coming to Evaluation and Management coding

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E/M and the Organ Systems Part 2 of 2

E/M and the Organ Systems Part 2 of 2

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E-M and the Organ Systems (Part 1)

E-M and the Organ Systems (Part 1)

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Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment and Medicare - Part 2

In this CE webinar, Dr. Gwilliam will continue his discussion from the webinar delivered Dec. 18 about chiropractic manipulative treatment. But this time, it is all about Medicare. If you don't treat Medicare beneficiaries, you should probably listen anyway. Usually whatever Medicare wants is the same thing as all the other payers. Find out the difference between acute, chronic, and maintenance, as well as when to use certain modifiers.

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Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT) Coding and Documentation (Part 1)

The most used codes in chiropractic are 98940, 98941, 98942, and 98943. In this webinar, Dr. Gwilliam will go over the fundamentals of these codes and make sure you are proficient with them. They probably play a bigger part of your practice than any other code, so it is worth it to make sure you are reporting them correctly. By the end of this presentation you will be able to diagnose, document, and code properly for CMT, as well as avoid common mistakes.

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The #1 most overlooked injury in PI, and it is found in over 90% of all cases

Presented by Tom Grant Jr. DC  December 11, 2018 Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET *How to recognize this injury *The most effective documentation terms to use *The best combination of ICD-10 codes to validate it Register here: ...

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Documenting Treatment Plan and Goals That Actually WORK - November 20th, 2018

Dr. Friedman will discuss the need to document Treatment Plan and Goals and what we MUST document and what we SHOULD document. He'll also demonstrate how we can do this in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort.

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"The Dental Office" CDT Codes, Crosswalking to CPT, and Dental Auditing

Join Aimee Wilcox in an informative webinar on procedural coding for the dental office, how CDT codes crosswalk to CPT codes for medical billing, and auditing concerns to watch for.

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Chiropractic Practice For Sale - When, Where, Why & How Much?

Dr. Tom Necela of The Strategic Chiropractor will share tips & tactics to help you with some of the biggest decisions every doc faces towards the end of their career: when to sell, where to find buyers, why sell (and what other options are available) and of course, how much is your chiropractic practice worth. If you are considering a chiropractic practice sale or transition within the next few years, this is a webinar you won't want to miss!

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Joints: Rotator Cuff, Elbow, Wrist, and Hand

In this webinar, Brandon will review the bones and major joints of the upper extremities (arm, forearm, wrist, hand, and digits), as well as their supporting structures and how they are affected by injury, disease, and other conditions.

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Lift the Cloud: Part 1 of 2 | CEU Course Via Premium Membership

In this presentation, Dr. Gwilliam, a widely renowned auditor and coder, will reveal to you the references he and other auditors use when reviewing your claims and documentation. These include coding books, Medicare guidelines, and private payor policies. Buckle up for a wild ride.

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The Most Expensive Documentation Mistakes Chiropractors Make

Notes need to give payers the information they need in order to adjudicate your claims. Do your notes include what they need to see? Can you standardize and simplify your note taking process to decrease your administrative burden? In this webinar, Dr. Gwilliam, Certified Coder, Certified Professional Medical Auditor, and Clinical Director for PayDC Chiropractic EHR Software, will show you how to make it easy. He will review examples and boost your confidence that you are doing things correctly.

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Coding and Documenting Physical Therapy Treatment Modalities

Presented by Evan Gwilliam DC MBA BS CPC NCICS CCPC CCCPC CPC-I MCS-P CPMA May 22nd, 2018 Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET Ever wonder how to get paid for that e-stim or ultrasound? Do payers give you a hard time and ...

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Evaluation and Management Coding and Auditing

Are you responsible for selecting or reviewing Evaluation and Management service levels? Do you wonder how well you know the rules and how to apply them? Join Aimee in this webinar to review and then applly the rules of E/M coding. She will also do a live demonstration of the new Find-A-Code E/M Calculator Tool to assess the level of E/M service for two office visits, one new (99201-99205) and the other established (99212-99215).

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How to Add Acupuncture to a Chiropractic Office

In this webinar, Dr. Marty Kotlar (certified coding and compliance expert) will discuss how to add Acupuncture services to a Chiropractic office. Topics include how to find and employ acupuncturists, CPT/ICD-10 coding, 15 minute increments vs the 8 minute rule, how to bill for office visits on same day as acupuncture and how to create an acupuncture billing and coding policy manual.

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Surgical Coding and Auditing

Ever wonder what an auditor is looking for when they review your surgical coding? Join Aimee and review the basic rules and documentation requirements. We’ll tear apart a couple of operative reports, code them, review NCCI edits, modifiers, and more. Get an idea of how you are doing and things you may want to incorporate into your practice to be better prepared when an audit comes your way. Also, we’ll review our cool Code-A-Note tool and how it can help you locate CPT and ICD-10-CM codes quickly. This tool is great for new coders, coders new to a specialty, difficult coding situations, or anyone who just wants a second opinion on their code options.

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