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According to the OIG- Insufficient documentation accounted for 87.8 percent of improper payments for surgical dressings, see MLN: PROVIDER COMPLIANCE TIPS FOR SURGICAL DRESSINGS

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Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is the process of producing detailed medical documentation accurately representing a patient's clinical status into coded data. CDI is used to provide information to all members of a patient's care team, facilitate improved patient care, disease tacking, outcomes and medical  research , maximize claims reimbursement, and improve data collection and analysis.

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CMS- Clinical Data Elements

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Managed Care Organizations Use CMS Tools to Identify Outliers


Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) include risk-adjusted plans whose funding is based on the health status of their beneficiaries. Government-funded MCOs use CMS information to search for suspected cases of fraud and abuse.

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OIG Plans for Onslaught of Risk Adjustment Audits Claiming 9.5% Error Rate in Code Assignment


As the OIG has published their intent to further investigate the 9.5% of improper payments based on incorrect ICD-10-CM code assignation, they implore Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to begin employing some of the CMS tools and data analytic programs used to help identify outliers.

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How Reporting E/M Based on Time May Lose Money


Just like math teachers who require students to show their work so they can see how the student reached their answer, providers are also required to "show their work" through the documentation process in the medical record. By the time a provider has reviewed the patient's subjective complaints (i.e., patient's ...

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How Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Data Enhances Risk Adjustment


The role of SDOH in overall patient care and outcomes has become a more common topic of discussion among healthcare providers, payers, and policymakers alike. All are attempting to identify and collect SDOH and correlate the data to patient management which is increasingly seen as necessary to address certain health disparities and identify exactly how SDOH affects patient health outcomes. Learn how to address this important subject.

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Cross-A-Code Instructions in Find-A-Code


Cross-A-Code is a tool found in Find-A-Code which helps you to locate codes in other code sets that help you when submitting a claim.

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Medicare Improper Payment Report for Chiropractic (2019)


CMS audits claims on an annual basis to identify improper payments. These improper payments do not measure fraud. Rather, they estimate the share of payments that did not meet Medicare coverage, coding, and billing rules. In the most recent Improper Payment Report by specialty, chiropractic has the highest Part B improper payment ...

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Medicare Improper Payment Report for Behavioral Health Services (2019)


CMS audits claims on an annual basis to identify improper payments. These improper payments do not measure fraud. Rather, they estimate the share of payments that did not meet Medicare coverage, coding, and billing rules. In the most recent Improper Payment Report, behavioral health services have some of the highest Part ...

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Medicare Improper Payment Report (2019)


The Medicare Improper Payment Report for 2019 has been released by the OIG. Please note that the improper payment rate does not measure fraud. Rather, it estimates the payments that did not meet Medicare coverage, coding, and billing rules. The estimated Medicare FFS payment accuracy rate (claims paid correctly) from July ...

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OIG Report Highlights Need to Understand Guidelines


A new OIG report once again highlights the necessity for organizations to fully understand requirements for reporting services and having proper documentation. The types of problems addressed in this report are ongoing issues for multiple types of services and specialties and for many different payers.

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ICD-10-CM - Supplement information for E-Cigarette/Vaping Reporting


The CDC has released additional information and coding guidance for reporting encounters related to the 2019 health care encounters and deaths related to e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI).  The update offers coding scenarios for general guidance, poisoning and toxicity, substance abuse and signs and symptoms.  ICD-10-CM Official Coding Guidelines - ...

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Special COVID Laboratory Specimen Coding Information


With all the new laboratory test codes that have been added due to the current public health emergency (PHE), there are a few additional guidelines CMS has released about collecting samples to perform the testing. Please keep in mind that these guidelines are by CMS and may or may not apply to other commercial payer policies.

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Dismal OIG Report on Telemedicine


Providers need to understand the rules for reporting telemedicine services. A recent OIG report shows that this is not the case. What problems are being found in documentation claims? As providers are expanding their telehealth offerings, now is the time to understand the potential pitfalls since disallowed amounts will be taken back.

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Medicare Announces Coverage of Acupuncture Services


On January 21, 2020, a CMS Newsroom press-release read, This new announcement is both exciting and refreshing. Acupuncture, a key component of traditional Chinese medicine and most commonly used to treat pain, is now being officially recognized by Medicare and several other large payers as a covered, alternative treatment option for ...

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New Dental Codes for 2021 and Find-A-Code Dental Tools/Resources

Outline of Presentation: - Why Dental coding is changing - New 2021 Dental Codes - Why Cross Coding is Not a Choice - New Dental Tools & Resources in Find-A-Code Be ready for 2021 with complete understanding of the new dental codes. Understand what codes are not covered under dental, and how to bill with medical codes.

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Dental Medical Billing & Coding Certification on - Your Dental Certification Destination is the industry leader for dental coding and billing certifications. The credentialing exams are hosted and administered by To earn dental-to-medical billing credentials, candidates must pass at least three exams including the requisite Qualified Medical Coder/Biller Exam. From there, candidates can earn designations in nine specializations, such as dental implant coding, oral surgery, sleep apnea, sedation dentistry, and coding and reimbursement for CBCT scans.

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Rock Solid Care Plans

Don't ever let anyone challenge your care plans ever again. If you can know what the regulators are looking for while still being free to deliver the care you deem to be best for your patient, then you win. And your patient wins. Join Dr. Gwilliam, certified professional medical auditor, and all around nice guy, as he guides you to the steps to create rock solid care plans that will stand up to third party scrutiny.

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