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Billing Requirements for OPPS

Billing Requirements for OPPS Providers with Multiple Service Locations

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Preventive Services


In Today’s Take, let’s discuss the difference between preventive care. You might be thinking this is “101”. But it really isn’t. Oftentimes, when conducting chart audits, we not only we see issues with a lack of documentation criteria, especially with Medicare preventive services, but we also see confusion regarding...

$636 Million in Overpayments Made by Medicare to Providers for Neurostimulators


According to the OIG "MEDICARE OVERPAID MORE THAN $636 MILLION FOR NEUROSTIMULATOR IMPLANTATION SURGERIES." So often we think if we get paid, we must be doing it right, well this is not always the case. You may get paid and then have to return the funds if billed incorrectly or a step ...

Compliance in the Dental Office or Small Practice


If your practice does not already have a compliance program in place, you will want to get started after reading this article. We have uncovered some important findings with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) in dental practices you need to be aware of. A compliance program offers standard procedures to follow, ...

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Medicare Reviews

Medicare continues to increase their efforts to review doctors and recover “overpayments”. This increases the likelihood that your notes will be reviewed and that you will be required to pay money back to Medicare. In this webinar Dr. Short will show you:  Why you should appeal every adverse decision.  How to appeal adverse decisions.  What information you need in your documentation for an effective appeal.  How to structure your appeals to be most effective.

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How to Create a Medicare Compliance Plan

In this webinar, Dr. Marty Kotlar (certified coding and compliance expert) will discuss how to create an OIG/Medicare compliance plan. He will explain how to create policies, how to perform a "self-test" on your SOAP notes, search the Medicare exclusions list, Stark, anti-kickback and how to handle compliance concerns.

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Medicare Reviews

Medicare reviews claims for a variety of reasons. Some are routine and are not a problem for the doctor or the practice. Some are investigatory in nature and indicate a serious potential threat for both the doctor and the practice. Dr. Ron Short will go over the types of reviews and which are routine and which should cause you to lose sleep. In this webinar you will learn: -What routine reviews are and why they are conducted -What reviews are a potential risk -What triggers reviews -When to get help and what kind of help to get

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Healthcare Compliance- Fraud/Waste/Abuse…Avoiding the Pitfalls

Presented by Howard Levinson, DC  June 12, 2018 Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET Dr. Levinson will discuss what constitutes healthcare fraud, waste and abuse and some of the strategies the insurance industry uses to identify outlier providers. Examples of healthcare providers who ...

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The Most Expensive Documentation Mistakes Chiropractors Make

Notes need to give payers the information they need in order to adjudicate your claims. Do your notes include what they need to see? Can you standardize and simplify your note taking process to decrease your administrative burden? In this webinar, Dr. Gwilliam, Certified Coder, Certified Professional Medical Auditor, and Clinical Director for PayDC Chiropractic EHR Software, will show you how to make it easy. He will review examples and boost your confidence that you are doing things correctly.

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Strategy to Assess & Strengthen Cervical Posture

Join the posture expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger, to learn how observing posture engages people for StrongPosture® habits… such as getting adjusted! Posture literally sets the baseline for all locomotor function, and current research confirms the importance of improving vertical alignment to functionally improve pain as well as longevity. DCs across the globe use the free PostureZone app and StrongPosture® rehab protocols to literally help people stand taller. Learn the framework to communicate bio-mechanics to patients, the public and other professionals. First for patient compliance, then results, and then for retention and referrals!

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How to Convert Your Medicare Patients to Cash to Avoid the Penalties of MACRA

The #1 concern reported by CMS about chiropractors is that, as a profession, we do a poor job of understanding maintenance care. Of course, that is THEIR definition of maintenance care. When you better understand the rules of medical necessity in Medicare, you begin to see what they are talking about. The truth is that there is a “gray” area between the distinct “white” of active treatment and the “black” of maintenance treatment, and that gray area is confusing when defining “covered” vs. “not covered” chiropractic care in Medicare. Join us to find out the following critical information in time for the MACRA Section 514 implementation January 1, 2017: Find out exactly what Medicare deems as maintenance care and how to recognize it with our patients Learn what your options are for treating your Medicare patient’s maintenance care for cash Hear scripting that is vital to your patient understanding what’s going on with their coverage, or lack thereof Properly document the difference between active and maintenance care Better manage those little incidents that come up for chronic, Medicare patients

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