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HSS Proposes Significant Changes to Patient Access Rules

What is a Legal Hold and e-Discovery Anyway

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A United Approach


A United Approach As auditors, we all have a different perspective when evaluating documentation. It would be unreasonable to think that we all view things the same way. In my opinion, differing perspectives are what makes a great team because you can coalesce on a particular chart, work it through and ...

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HHS Proposes Significant Changes to Patient Access Rules


In a significant announcement on February 11, 2019, HHS proposed new rules aimed at improving interoperability of electronic health information. This announcement was made in support of the MyHealthEData initiative which was announced by the Trump administration on March 6, 2018. The goal of that initiative was to break down ...

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What is a Legal Hold and e Discovery Anyway


Whether I am assisting clients or presenting, I am often asked about legal holds and e-discovery. The transition from paper to electronic records, which include emails, computer faxes, protected health information ("PHI"), personally identifiable information ("PII") and documents that are created, received, maintained or transmitted in an electronic format created...

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FHIR Revisited


Like a moth to a flame, we periodically have to take a close look at FHIR. As mentioned in the March 26 blog post, interoperability was the hot topic at HIMSS, and FHIR is at the blazing edge of interoperability...

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Health Information Exchange and Trusted Exchange Frameworks


Despite progress in health IT, Health Information Exchange (HIE) remains squarely in toll booth mode, with gated stops and slowdowns that may or may not permit information to move forward. ...

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Mobile Health: Growing Engagement and New Responsibilities


This week I'm blogging about an M-word. Not MACRA or MIPS, but Mobile Health or mHealth....

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What Every Spine Care Expert Needs to Know NOW- The X Factor

How Spine Care Experts Utilize & Get Paid for X-rays. How to select what x-ray views to bill for in certain diagnostic cases. New rules for x-ray reimbursement for 2018. HIPAA requirements for digital x-ray back up, EHR integration, and transmission. What findings are needed to justify medical necessity for spine x-rays? How to maximize your x-ray imaging department productivity. Discover the ROI of digital over plain film and in-house vs referring out. Biomechanical line drawings and measurements in your ROF - the key to better patient compliance.

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Essential Elements of a Care Plan

Creating effective care plans and using them properly is the solution to most clinic's documentation issues. Once you make it clear to auditors and reviewers what the game plan is, and you show that you follow it throughout care, communication issues will be eliminated and you will be able to manage the case better. In this presentation, Dr. Gwilliam, Clinical Director for PayDC Software, and former Vice President of ChiroCode, will review fundamental concepts of care plans, as outlined in Chapter 4.4 of the DeskBook, and show how it is done in one chiropractic EHR. You will leave the webinar with a clear path to improve your care plans so that you can be confident that third parties understand your records.

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Complete & Easy HIPAA Compliance

A simple and practical guide to implementing HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus Final Rule components. Includes the forms and policies and information you need to meet compliance requirements. Plus over 50 customizable forms!

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