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Viewing:  Oct 22, 2017

2011 CPT® New Codes, Changed Codes, Deleted Codes

2011 CPT Code Changes

  • 212 New CPT Codes
  • 106 Changed CPT Codes
  • 110 Deleted CPT Codes
CPT changes are effective January 1, 2011.

Each year new, changed and deleted codes are released and become effective on October 1st for ICD-9-CM and January 1st for CPT and HCPCS code sets.
  NOTE: updates are also issued each quarter throughout the year.

Stay Compliant!

There are 1000s of changes which may affect the codes that you are currently using. is designed to keep you current and compliant.  Unlike a book, is FAR more timely.  Get the information you need WHEN you need it.

Sign In to or Subscribe today to see all the new, changed and deleted codes for 2011. There's no need to risk delayed payments and denials when is so easy to use. Features

Complete and Current Code Sets with Long and Short Code Descriptions:

  • CPT® procedures - CPT codes and modifiers with AMA notes and guidelines
  • HCPCS supplies & procedures - HCPCS codes and modifier, DME & lab fees
  • ICD-9-CM diagnoses and procedures - highest specificity coding and all includes, excludes, notes, etc.
  • ICD-10-CM/PCS diagnoses and procedures - highest specificity coding and all includes, excludes, notes, etc.
  • ABC procedure and documentation codes - ideal for documentation defense
  • Place of Service Codes - codes, titles, and descriptions

Related Code Information:

  • RVU and fee data for your location - shows components for work, overhead, and malpractice plus the source data that make up the RVU i.e. (labor, equipment, supplies, etc.)
  • Medicare allowances - Non-par, par, and limiting charge amounts are automatically calculated for your locality
  • DRGs - Diagnosis-Related Groups - simple "drill down" interface
  • APCs - Ambulatory Payment Categories - simple "drill down" interface
  • Coding alerts - Avoid potential payment problems and denials
  • Medicare Policies - Including LMRPs, NCDs, LCDs, Contractor Articles, Contractor Information etc.
  • Code Crosswalks - ICD to CPT, CPT to ICD NEW!  ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • PQRI Information - organized and easy to read

Coding Tools:

  • NCCI Edit Validator™ - cleaner coding avoids denials
  • Click-A-Dex - Technology to search through the indicies quickly and go to any code instantly

Personalization Tools:

  • Personal and office notes for each code - No more losing vital notes
  • Customized keyword searching - attach your own keywords to any code for faster lookup
  • Custom code lists for fees and RVUs - Easily create and modify your own lists
  • Create your own fee schedule - Easily evaluate your fees based on Medicare payment amounts

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