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2021-01-11   CPT® Assistant Newsletter - Special Editions
  • The CPT® Assistant Newsletter has been releasing Special Editions for COVID-19.
    Special Editions select to enlarge
    These special editions can be accessed at the bottom of each month that contains a special edition.
2020-12-01   Digital Library Annotations
2020-07-15   Skilled Nursing Facility Patient-driven Payment Model (SNF PDPM) Calculator Added
2020-07-14   E/M Calculator Single Organ Systems Exams
2020-07-06   HCPCS Common Language Descriptions
2020-06-11   UCR Fee Multipliers
2020-05-12   Map-A-Code CPT®-ICD10PCS, More Code Sets, CCS Home Page,
2020-05-11   CPT® and SNOMED CT
2020-05-09   CPT® Vignettes - Coding Scenarios
2020-05-05   SNOMED CT and Historic Crosswalks
2020-05-04   New 2021 E/M Code Calculator
2020-04-15   NDC Page Updates
2020-04-10   CVX Immunization & Vaccination Codes
2020-03-30   LOINC & ICD-11 Search, CPT E/M Changes
2020-03-26   Reorganized Tutorials
2020-03-05   Podcasts
2020-03-04   ZHealth Books added to Library
2020-02-27   Updated Webinars Page
2020-02-25   Library Improvements, HIPAA Book
2020-02-24   Notepad tool, News & Articles, Newsletters, Bookmarks
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