99024 for Subsequent Visits Within Global Period

by  Find-A-Code
January 4th, 2018

Beginning July 1, 2017, there are 293 procedure codes with 10 and 90 day global days which will require practices with ten or more providers in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio and Oregon to use 99024 for subsequent visits within the global period. Many of these procedures are beyond the scope of Emergency Medicine. Examples of procedures in the list which frequently are performed by Emergency Medicine include, but are not limited to:

10060 Drainage of skin abscess - 10 days global

10061 Drainage of skin abscess- 10 days global

10120 Remove foreign body - 10 days global

10140 Drainage of hematoma/fluid - 10 days global

10160 Puncture drainage of lesion- 10 days global

10180 Complex drainage wound - 10 days global

12031 Intmd rpr s/a/t/ext 2.5 cm/< - 10 days global

12032 Intmd rpr s/a/t/ext 2.6-7.5 - 10 days global

12034 Intmd rpr s/tr/ext 7.6-12.5 - 10 days global

12041 Intmd rpr n-hf/genit 2.5cm/< - 10 days global

12042 Intmd rpr n-hf/genit2.6-7.5 - 10 days global

12051 Intmd rpr face/mm 2.5 cm/< - 10 days global

12052 Intmd rpr face/mm 2.6-5.0 cm - 10 days global

13101 Cmplx rpr trunk 2.6-7.5 cm - 10 days global

13121 Cmplx rpr s/a/l 2.6-7.5 cm - 10 days global

13131 Cmplx rpr f/c/c/m/n/ax/g/h/f - 10 days global

13132 Cmplx rpr f/c/c/m/n/ax/g/h/f - 10 days global

13151 Cmplx rpr e/n/e/l 1.1-2.5 cm - 10 days global

13152 Cmplx rpr e/n/e/l 2.6-7.5 cm - 10 days global

13160  Late closure of wound - 90 days global


99024 for Subsequent Visits Within Global Period. (2018, January 4). Find-A-Code Articles. Retrieved from https://www.findacode.com/articles/99024-for-subsequent-visits-within-global-period-32753.html

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