DME MACs – Billing Procedures Related To Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) Upgrades (Rev. 2993, Upon Implementation of ICD- 10)

by  Jared Staheli
June 18th, 2015

This section provides the DME MACs billing instructions regarding the use of ABNs and claims modifiers for upgrades for items of DMEPOS.

Federal Regulations at 42 CFR 411.408 and Chapter 30 of this manual establishes the basis for a supplier to issue an ABN to a beneficiary. The purpose of the ABN is to inform a Medicare beneficiary, before he or she receives an item that Medicare will probably not pay for that particular item on that particular occasion. The ABN allows the beneficiary to make an informed consumer decision on whether to accept an item for which he or she may have to pay out of pocket or through supplementary insurance.

Under existing policy, suppliers may collect from a beneficiary a payment amount greater than Medicare’s allowed payment amount if the beneficiary, by signing an ABN, agrees to pay extra for a DMEPOS item because the beneficiary prefers an item with features or upgrades that are not medically necessary. This policy applies to both assigned and unassigned claims. When a beneficiary does not sign an ABN, a supplier that accepts assignment cannot hold the beneficiary liable for the cost of medically unnecessary equipment or upgrades unless there is other acceptable evidence that the beneficiary knew or could reasonably have been expected to know that Medicare would not pay for the medically unnecessary equipment or upgrades. With respect to unassigned claims, a signed ABN is necessary to hold the beneficiary liable.

The instructions in this section apply to situations where the ABN is being used for upgrades and applies to both assigned and unassigned claims. An upgrade is an item with features that go beyond what is medically necessary. An upgrade may include an excess component. An excess component may be an item feature or service, which is in addition to, or is more extensive and/or more expensive than the item that is reasonable and necessary under Medicare’s coverage requirements. When a DMEPOS supplier knows or believes that the DMEPOS item does or may not meet Medicare’s reasonable and necessary rules under specific circumstances, it is the responsibility of the supplier to notify the beneficiary in writing via an ABN if the supplier wants to collect money from a beneficiary if an item is denied.

When a supplier furnishes an upgraded item of DMEPOS and the supplier expects Medicare to reduce the level of payment based on a medical necessity partial denial of coverage for additional expenses attributable to the upgrade, the supplier must give an ABN to the beneficiary for signature for holding the beneficiary liable for the additional expense. Optional ABN forms are available at:

A. General Instructions for the Use of ABNs for Upgrading DMEPOS Items

1. An upgrade may be from one item to another within a single Heath Insurance Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code, or may be from one HCPCS code to another. When an upgrade is within a single code the upgraded item must include features that exceed the official code descriptor for that item.

2. The upgrade must be within the range of items or services that are medically appropriate for the beneficiary’s medical condition and the purpose of the physician’s order. ABNs may not be used to substitute a different item or service that is not medically appropriate for the beneficiary’s medical condition for the original item or service. The upgraded item must still meet the intended medical purpose of the item the physician ordered.

3. Use of an ABN to furnish an upgraded item or service, with the beneficiary being personally responsible for the difference between the costs of the standard and upgraded item or service, does not change coverage or payment rules, statutory provisions, or manual instructions for the particular benefit involved.

4. In cases where the DME MACs would make payment for the item the physician ordered on a rental basis, the supplier must furnish the upgrade on a rental basis.

5. A supplier furnishing an upgrade and using an ABN must submit a claim and include information on the claim that identifies the upgrade features. Suppliers must submit a claim for upgraded items and services using the GA modifier on the upgraded line item to indicate that the beneficiary signed an ABN. Suppliers must list upgrade features using the ASC X12 837 professional claim format or on the paper Form CMS-1500 in Item 19 or as an attachment to the claim for paper claims.

6. Denials should be based on medical necessity.

B. Billing Instructions:

Suppliers must bill 2 line items for upgraded DMEPOS items where the beneficiary requests an upgrade. Suppliers must bill both lines on the same claim in the following order:

Line 1: Bill the appropriate HCPCS code for the upgraded item the supplier actually provided to the beneficiary with the dollar amount of the upgraded item. If the supplier has a properly obtained ABN on file signed by the beneficiary, use the GA modifier. If the supplier did not properly obtain an ABN signed by the beneficiary, use the GZ modifier.

Line 2: Bill the appropriate HCPCS code for the reasonable and necessary item with the actual charge for the item. Use the GK modifier.

Suppliers should bill their full submitted charge on the claim line for the upgraded item (Line 1) and the full amount for the reasonable and necessary item (Line 2). If the upgrade is within a code, suppliers still bill 2 line items, using the same code on both lines, but Line 1 would have the higher dollar amount.

Suppliers must bill both lines on the same claim in sequential order. Line 1 and the associated Line 2 should follow each other.

DME MACs must return/reject applicable assigned claims that have invalid ABN upgrade information using appropriate messages. If the claim is unassigned, DME MACs must issue a denial.

C. Definitions of Modifiers that May be Associated with ABNs

GA - Waiver of Liability (expected to be denied as not reasonable and necessary, ABN on file)

GZ - Item or Service not Reasonable and Necessary (expected to be denied as not reasonable and necessary, no ABN on file)

GK - Reasonable and necessary item/service associated with GA or GZ modifier

D. Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) and Remittance Advice (RA)

MSN 36.01: Our records show that you were informed in writing, before receiving the service that Medicare would not pay. You are liable for this charge. If you do not agree with this statement, you may ask for a review. ASC X12 835, remittance advice remark code M38

MSN 36.02: It appears that you did not know that we would not pay for this service so you are not liable. Do not pay your provider for this service. If you have paid your provider for this service, you should submit to this office three things 1) A copy of this notice, 2) Your provider’s bill, and 3) A receipt or proof that you have paid the bill. You must file your written request for payment within 6 months of the date of this notice. Future services of this type provided to you will be your responsibility. ASC X12 835 remittance advice remark code M25)

MSN 8.51: You signed an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN). You are responsible for the difference between the upgrade amount and the Medicare payment.

Use the following messages when denying claims due to invalid ABN upgrade information:

MSN 8.53: This item or service was denied because the upgrade information was invalid.

MRN N108: This item/service was denied because the upgrade information was invalid.


DME MACs – Billing Procedures Related To Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) Upgrades (Rev. 2993, Upon Implementation of ICD- 10). (2015, June 18). Find-A-Code Articles. Retrieved from

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