Establishing That a Person or Entity Qualifies to Receive Payment on Basis of Reassignment - for Carrier Processed Claims (Rev. 1, 10-01-03)

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July 17th, 2015

Any person or entity wishing to receive Part B payment as a reassignee of one or more physicians (or other practitioner or supplier), or as the supplier of the services, must furnish to the carrier sufficient information to establish clearly that it qualifies to receive payment for those services. Where there is any doubt that the person or entity qualifies, the carrier must obtain additional evidence.

In some cases, an entity may qualify to receive payment for the services of a physician on the basis of one or more of the exceptions listed in §30.2. As soon as it is determined that an organization can qualify on any basis, no further development may be needed for that physician or for other physicians having the same status. However, where some other physicians have or appear to have different status, further development is required. In some cases a determination is made that Part B payment can be made only to the physician.

Subject to the provisions of §§30, a reassignee assumes liability for any overpayments that it receives and should be so advised.

A. Payment to Special Accounts

Sometimes a major institution, such as a medical school or university, may want the Medicare checks due it for physician services to go into particular specialty accounts (or funds, or so-called group practices) which are subdivisions of the institution, and may ask that these accounts be identified on their Medicare checks for internal accounting purposes.

Ideally, to indicate the subordinate nature of the account in relation to the institution, carriers list the name of the institution first on the check, followed by the name of the appropriate account. However, identifying the payee in this manner may cause serious claims processing difficulties, fostering confusion between various accounts of the same institution. To avoid this problem, carriers may list the name of the account first, followed by the name of the institution, e.g., Radiology Fund or General Medical Center, if the institution submits a letter accepting responsibility for any claims submitted, and payments made, under the special designations. The letter needs to describe the special designations the institution wants on the checks for the various accounts and include a statement to the following effect:

The (name of institution) accepts the same responsibility for the Medicare claims and payments made under these special designations as it would have if the payments were made by Medicare in the name of (name of institution) without these special designations.

This statement is required in addition to the statement the institution submits to establish its right to receive payment for the physicians’ services.

If the above procedure is used as a basis for Part B payments in the names of departments, specialties, or similar subdivisions of a university or medical school or an associated nonprofit foundation or teaching hospital, each subdivision may also execute, or refrain from executing, a participation agreement for physician services in that subdivision. This is an exception to the rule that a participation agreement may only be executed by a person or legal entity. This exception applies only in the medical school or university medical center context

Pub 100-04 Medicare Claims Processing Manual


Establishing That a Person or Entity Qualifies to Receive Payment on Basis of Reassignment - for Carrier Processed Claims (Rev. 1, 10-01-03). (2015, July 17). Find-A-Code Articles. Retrieved from

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