How to Search Find-A-Code for Medicare Policies and Guidelines — LCDs, NCDs and Articles —

by  Raquel Shumway
November 18th, 2020

Find-A-Code includes Medicare Policies & Guidelines (LCDs, NCDs and Articles) that have been prepared by the individual MAC Jurisdictions. They can be extremely useful, in determining what each MAC is looking for when filing your claims so that you avoid claim denials.

LCD, NCD, and Article Information includes the following:

Find-A-Code creates crosswalks from the CPT/HCPCS to the ICD-10-CM codes. Those can be located at the code level. Click Here to learn more about Cross-A-Code (the Crosswalks) found in Find-A-Code.

LCDs/NCDs/Articles contain the following information. Just simply click on the + to expand the bar for further information related to the LCD/NCD/Article.

There are several ways to access these guidelines:

  1. You can access them from the code you are considering using

    1. Go to the desired code.

    2. Go to the [Medicare Policies & Guidelines (NCDs, LCDs, Articles)] bar and expand it by clicking on the + sign

      Medicare Policy Bar

    3. Choose one of the 3 options (see image below): My carrier only, My state carriers, or All carriers. All carriers includes the entire United States, so some of the results might not apply to you.

      Choose a Carrier

    4. Choose LCDs, NCDs, or Articles and click on the + to expand them. They are listed in groups; Active, Retired, Draft, and Superceded. The list includes the number, title and MAC that uses them. (See image below)

    5. Click on the name of the article you are interested in and Find-A-Code will take you to that LCD, NCD, or Article where you can research the information that is provided. (See image below)

      Select LCDs, NCDs or Articles 

  2. You can access LCDs, NCDs, and Articles from the home page by doing a search (See image below)

    NOTE: Make sure you are logged into your account.

    1. Go to tools (light blue)

    2. Choose search from the drop down box (pink)

    3. Choose LCDs – Medicare policies (green)

      Find-A-Code Search Tool

    These steps will take you to a new window where you can enter your LCD/NCD/Article number and/or other search criteria. I have highlighted a couple of things you might want to look at. 

    Follow the instructions in yellow box in image 1 below. You can also choose to Show Retired Contractors by clicking on the words.

    I have used the example of Hyperbaric oxygen, but you can also use an LCD/NCD/Article number. Because this is specifically a search window for LCDs, NCDs and Articles, you do not need to add the L, N or A with the number. It will only return LCDs, NCDs and Articles in the search results.

    When you make your selections and click search, Find-A-Code will take you to the screen that looks like image 2. However,

    If you enter a code#, the search will take you to the code you entered in the search rather than the the window in image 2

    Image 1 (Enter Search Criteria):                        Image 2 Search Results:

    LCD Search Tool       Search Results  

  3. You can access LCDs, NCDs, and Articles from the home page by doing a search from the search box at the top of the page. (See image below)

    FAC Main Screen Search

NOTE: After entering your search criteria, click ENTER, rather than the search icon.

This will take you to the following window. If you do not get a result, or the result is not what you want or expected, then make sure that you have selected the correct filter on the left.

 FAC Home Page Search Option

Check the “Medicare Information” checkbox for LCDs, NCDs and Articles.

With the “Medicare Information” checkbox checked, you should something that looks like one of the following two options. One or a few results or multiple pages of results.

 Medicare Information Filter     Search Results

Click on the LCD, NCD or Article you are interested in and Find-A-Code will take you to it.

Things to know:

      ICD Options in the results

    If you need further assistance, please contact our support team. 



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