Isodose Planning Codes

by  Christine Woolstenhulme, QCC, QMCS, CPC, CMRS
May 11th, 2015

Teletherapy isodose planning codes 77305-77315 and brachytherapy isodose planning codes 77326-77328, which are frequently reported with the basic radiation dosimetry calculation code 77300, were identified in the codes inherently performed together 75 percent of the time or greater, as the planning codes now universally require performance of dosimetry calculation as an integral part of the procedure.

Five new bundled codes (77306, 77307, 77316, 77317, 77318) will be created to reflect the current process of care for teletherapy and brachytherapy isodose planning.

As the new codes now include basic dosimetry calculation(s), code 77300 should not be reported in conjunction with these codes. The current codes 77305-77315 and 77327-77328 will be deleted in 2015. 

77305 Deleted Teletherapy isodose plan; simple

77306 Teletherapy isodose plan; simple (1 or 2 unmodified ports directed to a single area of interest), includes basic dosimetry calculation(s)


77310 Deleted Teletherapy isodose plan; intermediate


See 77306, 77307


77315 Deleted Teletherapy isodose plan; complex


77307 complex (multiple treatment areas, tangential ports, the use of wedges, blocking, rotational beam, or special beam considerations), includes basic dosimetry calculation(s

77326 Deleted Brachytherapy isodose plan; simple 1-4 sources


**77316 Brachytherapy isodose plan; simple (calculation[s] made from 1 to 4 sources, or remote afterloading brachytherapy, 1 channel), includes basic dosimetry calculation(s)


77327 Deleted Brachytherapy isodose plan; intermediate 5-10 sources

**77317 intermediate (calculation[s] made from 5 to 10 sources, or remote afterloading brachytherapy, 2-12 channels), includes basic dosimetry calculation(s)


77328 Deleted Brachytherapy isodose plan; complex >10 sources


**77318 complex (calculation[s] made from over 10 sources, or remote afterloading brachytherapy, over 12 channels), includes basic dosimetry calculation(s)



Isodose Planning Codes. (2015, May 11). Find-A-Code Articles. Retrieved from

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