Learn Exactly how to Code Twin Pregnancy

by  Codapedia
July 28th, 2016

CPT® Code for Twin Pregnancy

As we know there are OB CPT® codes using for coding Pregnancy procedures. The procedures are divided on weeks of gestation. There are separate CPT® codes for first and second trimesters. The first trimester of pregnancy is week 1 through week 12, or about 3 months. The second trimester is week 13 to week 27. And the third trimester of pregnancy spans from week 28 to the birth. Now, the pregnant women can come at any time to the physician during pregnancy if there are any complications. The patient can also come for any follow up exam. So, the whole idea here to learn how to code when there is more than one fetus. Let check out the CPT® code for twin delivery.

Learn Exactly how to Code Twin Pregnancy

CPT® Code for twin gestation

For normal single fetus, we have to code only on CPT® code but when there is more than one fetus, we will code an add-on code. This add-on can be used as many times depending on the number of fetus. The only criteria are the presence of all features present in the report for coding complete exam. If there are any missing criteria for OB complete, we will code limited 76815 CPT® codes. The CPT® code 76815 is used to code only once even for multiple gestation because the code description for 76815 say one or more fetus. Let us check out the complete description of the OB CPT® codes.

76815 – OB ultrasound: limited one or more fetus
76801- OB ultrasound, Transabdominal less than 14 weeks of gestation: complete first gestation
76805- OB ultrasound, Transabdominal, more than 14 weeks of gestation; complete first gestation
76817- OB Ultrasound Transvaginal

For multiple gestations, we have add-on CPT® codes used with 76801 and 76805.
76802- OB ultrasound, less than 14 weeks of gestation: additional gestation
(Should be used only with 76801 CPT® code)

76810- OB ultrasound, more than 14 weeks of gestation; additional gestation
(Should be used only with 76805)

We also have a follow up CPT® code for OB ultrasound, which is 76816
 76816- OB ultrasound; Follow-up

How to use OB CPT® codes

Now as we know the above CPT® code we will try to use these use codes with some examples
1.  If a patient has twin pregnancy of 10 weeks and comes for an OB ultrasound complete, we will code 76801 followed by 76802 CPT® codes.
2.   If a patient has twin pregnancy of 20 weeks and comes for OB ultrasound complete, we will code 76805 followed by 76810 CPT® codes.
3.   If a patient comes for a follow up exam for OB ultrasound, we will simple go ahead and code 76816 CPT® code.
4.   If the physician performs a limited OB ultrasound on pregnant patient, we will code 76815 only even if there are multiple gestations.

Hope, you would have learnt how to use OB ultrasound CPT® Codes in medical coding. Please do share the article if you liked it.

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