National Association of Chiropractic Attorneys (NACA) Directory

March 29th, 2017

Alabama Wendell Mitchell, Esq. / Phone: 334-262-2228
Alabama State Chiropractic Association
Arizona David M. Morrison, Esq. / Phone: 602-277-6996
Arizona Association of Chiropractic
Arkansas Thomas S. Stone, Esq. / Phone: 501-375-9151
Arkansas Chiropractic Association
California Keith W. Carlson, Esq. / Phone: 949-622-1661
California Chiropractic Association
Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. / Phone: 714-647-6488
California Chiropractic Association
Colorado Thomas J. Overton, Esq. / Phone: 303-832-1120 x116
Colorado Chiropractic Society
Donald E. Mielke, Esq. / Phone: 303-932-1222
Colorado Chiropractic Association
Connecticut Robert L. Hirtle, Jr., Esq. / Phone: 860-278-7480
Connecticut Chiropractic Assn.
Florida Paul Watson Lambert, Esq. / Phone: 850-224-9393
Florida Chiropractic Association
Georgia Aubrey T. Villines, Esq. / Phone: 770-455-1350
Georgia Chiropractic Association
Hawaii Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. / Phone: 714-647-6488
Hawaii Chiropractic Association
Illinois Adrienne Hersh, Esq. / Phone: 847-831-0367
Illinois Chiropractic Society
Indiana John W. Tousley, Esq. / Phone: 317-636-2900
The Tousley Law Office
Kansas Judy Pope, Esq. / Phone: 785-233-2015
Kansas Chiropractic Association
Kentucky John Rogers, Esq. / Phone: 270-651-7777
Kentucky Association of Chiropractic
Alvin D. Wax, Esq. / Phone: 502-581-1133
Kentucky Chiropractic Society
Louisiana Michael H. Wainwright, Esq. / Phone: 318-470 9393
Louisiana Chiropractic Association
Maine Alice E. Knapp, Esq. / Phone: 207-737-4603
Maine Chiropractic Association
Maryland Marc K. Cohen, Esq. / Phone: 410-347-7663
Maryland Chiropractic Association
Michigan Brian D. Vincent, Esq. / Phone: 616-364-2100
Michigan Chiropractic Council
John F. Vos III, Esq. / Phone: 800-967-1234 x1266
Michigan Chiropractic Society
Missouri Gerald “Geordie” McGonagle / Phone: 816-221-2222
Missouri Chiropractic Association
Nebraska John W. DeCamp, Esq. / Phone: 402-477-3974
Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association
New Jersey Kimberly L. Gozsa, Esq. / Phone: 609-971-1177 x324
Association of New Jersey Chiropractors
Jeffrey B Randolph, Esq. / Phone: 201-505-1733
New Jersey Chiropractic Association
New York Jeffrey T. Baron, Esq. / Phone: 631 757-4493
New York Chiropractic Council
James K. Hogan, Esq. / Phone: 888-305-2274
New York Chiropractic Council
Ross P. Lanzafame, Esq. / Phone: 585-232-6500
Harter Secrest & Emery, LLP
North Carolina Marshall Hurley, Esq. / Phone: 336-378-1870
North Carolina Chiropractic Association
North Dakota Michael Geiermann, Esq. / Phone: 701-223-1986
North Dakota Chiropractic Association
Ohio Tom Froehle, Esq. / Phone: 614-719-2850
Ohio State Chiropractic Association
Pennsylvania James Kutz, Esq. / Phone: 717-612-6038
Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
Rhode Island William F. White, Esq. / Phone: 401-273-1400
Rhode Island Chiropractic Assn.
South Dakota E. James Hood, Esq. / Phone: 605-642-2757
South Dakota Chiropractic Assn.
Tennessee Rodney Phelps, Esq. / Phone: 615-641-5855
Tennessee Chiropractic Association
Texas Larry Laurent, Esq. / Phone: 512-996-8844
Texas Chiropractic College
Edward F. Hensley, Esq. / Phone: 210-349-3003
San Antonio Chiropractic Association
Joseph Hanson Malley, Esq. / Phone: 214-943-6100
Dallas County Chiropractic Society
Virginia William Shields, Esq. / Phone: 804-359-3000
Virginia Chiropractic Association
Washington Don Jacobs, Esq. / Phone: 360-695-1624
Clark County Chiropractic Society
John C. Peick, Esq. / Phone: 425-462-0660
Washington State Chiropractic Association
West Virginia Phillip Stowers, Esq. / Phone: 304-344-3357
West Virginia Chiropractic Society

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