Nature and Effect of Assignment on Carrier Claims (Rev. 643, Issued: 08-12-05)

by  Find-A-Code
July 17th, 2015

Assignment is a written agreement between beneficiaries, their physicians or other suppliers, and Medicare. The beneficiary agrees to let the physician or other supplier request direct payment from Medicare for covered Part B services, equipment, and supplies by assigning the claim to the physician or supplier. The physician/supplier in return agrees to accept the Medicare allowed payment amount by the carrier as his/her full charge for the items or services. A physician/supplier who agrees to accept assignment on all claims for Medicare services, rather than on a claim-by-claim basis is known as a participating physician/supplier. See Publication 100-4, chapter 1, sections 30.3 and of the IOM. In effect, the physician/supplier who accepts assignment on a claim-by-claim basis or who is a participating physician/supplier is precluded from charging the enrollee more than the deductible and coinsurance based upon the approved payment amount determination. If dissatisfied with the amount of the Medicare allowed amount, a physician/supplier may follow the procedures for appeals of contractor initial determinations.

In “mandatory assignment” situations, i.e., where payment under the Act can be made only on an assignment-related basis or where payment is for services furnished by a participating physician or supplier, the beneficiary (or the person authorized to request payment on the beneficiary’s behalf) is not required to assign the claim to the physician or supplier in order for an assignment to be effective. However, the beneficiary (or the person authorized to request payment on the beneficiary’s behalf) must continue to authorize the release of medical or other information necessary to process the claim and request payment of Medicare benefits for the Medicare Part B covered services, equipment, or supplies pursuant to 42 C.F.R 424.32 and 424.36 (see also Pub. 100-04, ch. 1, sect. 50.1). Physicians or suppliers who agree to (or must by law) accept assignment from Medicare cannot attempt to collect more than the appropriate Medicare deductible and coinsurance amounts from the beneficiary, his/her other insurance, or anyone else.

In situations where mandatory assignment is not applicable and a nonparticipating physician or supplier indicates on the claim that he/she accepts assignment, but the beneficiary does not assign the claim to that nonparticipating physician/supplier-- payment must be made on an unassigned basis (i.e., directly to the beneficiary).

A violation of the assignment occurs if the physician/supplier collects (or attempts to collect) from the enrollee or anyone else any amount which, when added to the benefit, exceeds the Medicare allowed amount. A bill for assigned services is considered paid in full when the Medicare allowed amount is paid. The carrier payment determination takes into account all of the services furnished by the physician/supplier in connection with the claim. Therefore, a physician/supplier may not charge the enrollee for paperwork involved in filing an assigned claim.

If the enrollee has private insurance in addition to Medicare, the physician/supplier who has accepted assignment of SMI benefits is in violation of his/her assignment agreement if he/she bills or collects from the enrollee and/or the private insurer an amount which, when added to the Medicare benefit received, exceeds the Medicare allowed amount. If it comes to a carrier’s attention that a physician/supplier has received an excessive amount, inform him/her to refund such amount to the appropriate party. Where it is not clear as to who is entitled to receive the refund under the terms of the private insurance, any excess amount paid by the enrollee may be returned to the enrollee.

A nonparticipating physician/supplier who accepts assignment for some Medicare covered services is not ordinarily precluded from billing the patient for other Medicare covered services for which the nonparticipating physician/supplier does not accept assignment, and is also not precluded from billing the patient for services that are not covered by Medicare. However, a physician/supplier may not attempt to circumvent the Medicare allowed amount limitation by “fragmenting” his/her bills. Bills are “fragmented” when a physician/supplier accepts assignment for some services, and claims payment from the enrollee for other services performed at the same place and on the same occasion. When a carrier becomes aware that a physician/supplier is fragmenting his/her bills, it must inform him/her that this practice is unacceptable and that he/she must either accept assignment for, or bill the enrollee for, all services performed at the same place and on the same occasion.

EXCEPTION: In mandatory assignment situations, i.e., where a physician/supplier must accept assignment for certain services as a condition for any payment or for full payment to be made (e.g., clinical diagnostic laboratory tests, physician assistants), he/she may accept assignment for those services without accepting assignment for other services furnished by him/her for the same enrollee at the same place and on the same occasion.

Pub 100-04 Medicare Claims Processing Manual


Nature and Effect of Assignment on Carrier Claims (Rev. 643, Issued: 08-12-05). (2015, July 17). Find-A-Code Articles. Retrieved from

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