Proper Usage of Electrical Stimulation

by  Find-A-Code
January 4th, 2018

According to CGS Administrators, most non-wound care electrical stimulation treatment provided in therapy should be billed as G0283 as it is often provided in a supervised manner (after skilled application by the qualified professional/auxiliary personnel) without constant, direct contact required throughout the treatment.

97032 is a constant attendance electrical stimulation modality that requires direct (one- on-one) manual patient contact by the qualified professional/auxiliary personnel. Because the use of a constant, direct contact electrical stimulation modality is less frequent, documentation should clearly describe the type of electrical stimulation provided to justify billing 97032 versus G0283.
Types of electrical stimulation that may require constant attendance and should be billed as 97032 when continuous presence by the qualified professional/auxiliary personnel is required include the following examples.

o    Once a trial of TENS has been done in the clinic over 1-2 visits and the patient has had a favorable response, the patient can usually be taught to use a TENS unit for pain control in 1-2 visits. Consequently, it is inappropriate for a patient to continue treatment for pain with a TENS unit in the clinic setting.

o    Note that CPT code 64550 is for application of surface (transcutaneous) neurostimulator and is an operative/postoperative code. Use of this code would seldom fall under a therapy plan of treatment.


o    Use for Walking in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) the type of NMES that is used to enhance the ability to walk of SCI patients is commonly referred to as functional electrical stimulation (FES). See the section on CPT code 97116 for information on coverage for this use of NMES. (CMS Publication 100-03, Medicare National Coverage Determinations (NCD) Manual, section 160.12)


Non-Implantable Pelvic Floor Electrical Stimulation (CMS Publication 100-03, Medicare National Coverage Determinations (NCD) Manual, section 230.8.)

Stimulation delivered by vaginal or anal probes connected to an external pulse generator may be billed as 97032. Stimulation delivered via electrodes should be billed as G0283.

Utilization of electrical stimulation may be necessary during the initial phase of treatment, but there must be an improvement in function. These modalities should be utilized with appropriate therapeutic procedures to effect continued improvement. Note: Coverage for this indication is limited to those patients where the nerve supply to the muscle is intact, including brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves and other non- neurological reasons for disuse are causing the atrophy (e.g., post-casting or splinting of a limb, and contracture due to soft tissue scarring).
Documentation must clearly support the medical necessity of electrical stimulation more than 12 visits as adjunctive therapy or for muscle retraining.

Some patients can be trained in the use of a home muscle stimulator for retraining weak muscles. Only 1-2 visits should be necessary to complete the training. Once training is completed, this procedure should not be billed as a treatment modality in the clinic.

Non-covered Indications

Supportive Documentation Recommendations for 97032

See codes G0281-G0283 for instructions regarding supervised electrical stimulation


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