Special Considerations for SNF Billing for TPN and EN Under Part B (Rev. 2993, Upon Implementation of ICD- 10)

by  Jared Staheli
June 18th, 2015

The HCPCS code and any appropriate modifiers are required. SNFs bill the A/B MAC (B) for TPN and EN under Part B, using the ASC X12 837 professional claim format, or the Form CMS-1500 paper claim if applicable.

The following HCPCS codes apply.

B4034 B4035 B4036 B4081 B4082 B4083 B4084 B4085 B4150 B4151 B4152 B4153 B4154 B4155 B4156 B4164 B4168 B4172 B4176 B4178 B4180 B4184 B4186 B4189 B4193 B4197 B4199 B4216 B4220 B4222 B4224 B5000 B5100 B5200 B9000 B9002 B9004 B9006 E0776XA B9098 B9099

For SNF billing for PEN, a SNF includes the charges for PEN items it supplies beneficiaries under Part A on its Part A bill. The services of SNF personnel who administer the PEN therapy are considered routine and are included in the basic Part A payment for a covered stay. SNF personnel costs to administer PEN therapy are not covered under the Part B prosthetic device benefit.

If TPN supplies, equipment and nutrients qualify as a prosthetic device and the stay is not covered by Part A, they are covered by Part B. Part B coverage applies regardless of whether the TPN items were furnished by the SNF or an outside supplier. The Part B TPN bill must be sent to the DME Medicare Administrative Contractor regardless of whether supplied by the SNF or an outside supplier.

Enteral nutrients provided during a stay that is covered by Part A are classified as food and included in the routine Part A payment sent to the SNF. (See the Medicare Provider Reimbursement Manual, §2203.1E.) Parenteral nutrient solutions provided during a covered Part A SNF stay are classified as intravenous drugs. The SNF must bill these services as ancillary charges. (See the Medicare Provider Reimbursement Manual, §2203.2.)


Special Considerations for SNF Billing for TPN and EN Under Part B (Rev. 2993, Upon Implementation of ICD- 10). (2015, June 18). Find-A-Code Articles. Retrieved from https://www.findacode.com/articles/special-considerations-for-snf-billing-for-tpn-and-en-under-part-b-rev-2993-upon-implementation-of-icd-10-26761.html

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